Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Blog!


It seems that everyone is getting in the game these days.  If you want to grow your business you have to connect with people out there.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.
I LOVE DESIGN- Fabric, Yarn, Paint- you name it I love it.  I REALLY do.  They are like candy for me.  I know I am not the only one out there that feels that way either- thank goodness I am not alone in my obsession.  I think that's what it is - an obsession.  It's not a bad thing really!  Is it?  I feel like it is part of my DNA-sounds crazy I know.  My background is Textile Science and I have always made things for as long as I can remember.  My Mum taught me to knit when I was 7.  I think that's when it all started and I haven't stopped since.  I can't stop creating and designing!

Fabric- I can't imagine not surrounding my world in it!  Something can be said for modern design- it is clean and uncluttered.  But my own design taste runs more traditional.  I love lots of pillows, beautiful drapes, table runners etc...  Fabric for me in a Living Room or Bedroom is what gives that space it's personality.  Don't get me wrong-there are so many other elements that make a room, but for me I always start with the fabric -that is my jumping off point.

Yarn- oh beautiful yarn.  I can't go into a yarn store and not touch!  I feel like a 3 year old in a toy store!  There is something so tactile about yarn.  You have to touch it, scrunch it and rub it on the skin before you commit.  It will, after all, be next to the skin when the project is done.  I will be forever grateful to my Mum for teaching  me to knit all those years ago.  The sheer pleasure I get from knitting especially for others can only be matched by seeing my stash of fabric!  I love the process of knitting.  The feel of the yarn as it runs through the fingers, as stitch and row are created.  You start with a ball of yarn and end up with something that was created with hand and heart.  Part of me is almost sad when a project is done but the other part soon takes over- the part of complete delight in finishing a project.  And if that project is a gift-I feel even better.  My poor friends and family are always my guinea pigs-I mean recipients.  They so graciously accept what I offer.  I don't know if they always use what I have knitted- but no matter-it is the journey that I love and if they make use of the gift well that's just gravy for me!

Paint and Colour.  How boring life would be without colour.  I'm not just talking about vibrant, fully saturated colour, but all colour.  As we know Grey is in as the Neutral of choice, and there are some beautiful ones out there.  I love fan decks.  I think that even if I didn't need them for my job I would still have them.  When I get a new fan deck it is like Christmas!  When a paint company comes out with new paint chips and colours- I rush to the store.  When I can't get a new fan deck I create my own- will have to show you in a later post how I do that (it's not rocket science).  My friends and family always make fun of my love of paint.  I have painted my rooms so many times my husband has said that we have increased the R-Value of our home!  The thing is, my house is my lab.  I try things out, experiment, design wherever my creativity takes me.  Like I always tell everyone- it's just paint-if you don't like it, repaint it.  I know for some that this is very daunting.  I however, find that painting is very cathartic.  I paint and the world goes away.  I don't think of anything except getting that cutting in edge and getting it straight, rolling the paint on the walls or pouring more paint into my pan.  It allows me, to just BE!

I have so many things I want to share.  And I can't wait to get started- Info on fabric/yarn, designs of all kinds, what are people thinking? etc.........
But first I want to give a shout out to those that I have admired and have followed for a very long time.  There are a few blogs that I have been following for quite some time and it is these blogs that have given me so much pleasure and inspiration.  I look forward to reading those blogs everyday.  And it is those blogs that have spurred me on to throw my hat into the ring as it were.
 Joni:  I love reading your posts-they are so full of inspiration and wit.   I truly adore your sense of humour in all that you write about.
Erin :  Your passion for design gives me great inspiration.  I feel as though we are kindred spirits with regards to our insecurities and angst.  Never stop sharing your story!
Maria :  My fellow Canuck!   A girl who really loves colour-notice how I spelled COLOUR!!  Your sense of colour and passion for colour inspires me greatly.  Thank you for making colours other than beige really cool!
Layla :  Layla-what can I say?  Your passion for DIY and design have inspired me more than I can say.  Your honesty and your big heart are what make me tune in every morning.
Brooke : Your quiet elegance and sense of design leaves me in awe.  You are so blessed to be working and designing with your husband.  I always look forward to your projects together.
Well that is just a very small list of people that I follow-I wish I could write a little about all the blogs that have inspired me everyday and have made me want to come forward and share what I have to offer.

I initially thought that I would do a first post about fabric.  But instead, I think I want to share with you a little something that I designed just before christmas.  It is a scarf that I designed for my Mum-in-Law.
It is a fairly easy pattern and I am offering it up to you readers.  I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.  I used a Bernat yarn called Mosaic.  It has a beautiful Varigation to it- talk about Candy people!!  It is also 100% Acrylic (great for those that find Wool too scratchy).  It is also inexpensive- I think it was around $5.99 per ball.  So without furthur a do-here it is:


The link for the pattern can be found here: Scribd.
Enjoy making it!
Well I think that is it for now.  I hope that you will tune in again.  Have a great day everyone.


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