Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey Everyone!  As you know I am more of a traditional kinda girl, however, I came across this amazing modern home that I just had to share.  It is designed by Capoferro.  I really love it- I MEAN REALLY LOVE IT!!  Maybe it's the elegant simplicity of the design, the use of the wood or that it's just so freakin' amazing!!!


This is such a great example of thinking out of the box!  Using hardwood flooring on the ceiling- looks fabulous least I think that's hardwood flooring.

Although this isn't a "working" fireplace it certainly conveys the feeling of one.  This is a great example of doing a faux fireplace that really looks as if it could work.

The staircase- I sigh!!

I truly adore that Palazzo Pendant.  This great pendant would look fabulous over an island as well!

How amazing is this Interior???  I truly love the use of wood throughout.  However it is balanced by a lot of white so that it doesn't feel heavy or opressive.  And who doesn't love a great Eileen Gray table or an Eames chair??  And to top it off they are Canadian!!
If you want to achieve a similar look with regards to the furnishings then head over to DWR.
You can click on the following to links:
Eames Chair 1
Eames Chair 2
Wassily Chair
Eileen Gray Table
Palazzo Pendant

Have a great day everyone.

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