Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hey Everyone....I hope all is well in your Universe!  I finally got the pattern for my new shawl all loaded up onto Ravelry here.
So without further is the new shawl:

It took 4 skeins of:
Mirasol Hacho

And it took 3 skeins of
St. Denis Nordique

I wish I could properly articulate how much I loved these yarns.  The Mirasol Hacho was like BUTTA!!
The softness of the 100% Merino Wool is like no other.  It is so soft.  The colours are amazing.
The St. Denis Nordique was so lovely to use as well.  Although not as soft as the Hacho it certainly is a lovely 100% Wool yarn.  I can't say enough about both of these yarns.  Before I even designed this shawl I had ordered the St. Denis and made a shrug.  I had bought the Hacho  at my local yarn shop Spun. and made a Capelet.....both of those projects will be shown in the future (not my patterns by the way.....just needed some mindless knitting).  But as soon as I finished the Capelet I knew I wanted to make a shawl with using what I had left over and scouring the planet (England actually).....I found enough to make my shawl.  I just knew that these two yarns would look lovely together.
I cannot stress enough that picking the right yarn for a project is so key.  I was lucky enough that the Nordique really complemented the Hacho not only in gauge, type of yarn but also colour.  And the last point I cannot stress enough.  When using two different yarns for a project like is so important that you pick the right colour to complement your variegated yarn.  I really wanted the shawl to have a subtle stripe in it.  I also wanted the Garter Banding to compliment the varigated yarn...And I think I was successful.
I have to say that designing and knitting this project was pure JOY!!  Between the feel of the yarn and the colour combo...well...... PURE HAPPINESS!!
Now.....why "Thunder Shawl"??  Well...the colour name of the Hacho was Thunder Skies, so I kind of just went with it!
But wait!  I didn't even mention the picot edge!  I love the Picot Edge.  I have always wanted to add that little detail to a shawl.  There is just something about Picot Edging..... I have to say it is probably one of my favourite edge details you will find.  There is just something about it!

Anyways....I hope you like the new shawl and maybe even want to give it a go.
And as always if you have any questions or know you can always drop me a line.

Have a great day everyone.

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