Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Hey Everyone.  I have loved everything Ralph Lauren since I can remember- and I can remember quite a bit.  His designs are so classic- everything from his housewares to his amazing clothing.  I found this bag online and fell in love with the fabric;

This is the Printed Blanket Hobo bag and it can be yours for the SALE price of 1169.00!  Yikes!  I love it but not that much!
However-I do love the fabric.  I love the earthy colours that are in it.  No one, and I mean NO ONE does Southwest better than Ralph.  There is something very authentic about his colouration and they way he uses the southwest motif.  I don't think it ever gets old.
Anyways....  I wanted to pull out some colours from this amazing bag:

I wasn't able to fit the names of the colours I chose so I will list them below.  They start in the upper left corner and go to the right and in descending order:

1.  Tatami Tan SW6116
2.  Luxurious Red SW6314
3. Kirsch Red SW6313
4.  Red Tomato SW6607
5. Trusty Tan SW 6087
6.  Java SW6090
7. Glimmer SW 6476
8. Tidewater SW 6477
9.  Luxe Blue SW 6537
10. Dignified SW6538
The only ones that I am slightly unsure are the greeney blues.  I wasn't sure if I should go with Glimmer and Tidewater or if I should go with something a little more muted like Window Pane SW6210 and Rainwashed SW 6211.
Again, I am going by what I see on my monitor.  But I must say I love all of these colours together.
Ralph Rocks!

Have a great day everyone.

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