Friday, May 18, 2012


I love it when I find a little gem-don't you?  There is something slightly exhilarating when one finds exactly what one was looking for and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!
Ikea, Ikea!  Between you and Habitat for Humanity you make decorating a home on a budget a joy!
I wanted to find a pillow for my bedroom-just a little update.  And an update that wouldn't cost the moon.  So when I found this little gem:

This is "Emmie Land". I jumped at the chance and snatched him right up.  And on top of that I didn't have to sew it!  I mean, I could not have made it for the price that he is- $5.99 CAD!!  The fabric is lovely and the toile printing is really nice.  The other things that I love about this pillow is the piping, the true white it is and the zipper.  I refuse to have pillows without zippers- waste of money if you ask me!  I have to be able to clean my pillows-real life happens people and I need to clean up after that real life sometimes!  Since I already had an insert-feather from Ikea, it was easy peasy to pop the insert in and away I went!  As soon as I am finishd putting my bedroom together I will show you what this little gem looks like.

In addition to this pillow- Ikea also has a duvet cover in the same pattern.  It is also really cute and for $24.99CAD-you just can't beat that.  Once again, if I were to want something similar I could not make it for that!

What I love about this pattern is the true cleam white that is the backround fabric.  A lot of times a toile is printed on a slightly creamy off white or even ecru backround.  So finding one that has a 'white" backround is awesome.  And again- that price!!

Also within keeping of the "Emmie" line at Ikea they have other poducts that go together;

The "Emmie" line also comes in a more florally one as well.  I really love it!  So check it out!

Have a great day everyone!

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