Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey Everyone...A while back I did a posting on Bookcase Dividers here.  One of those amazing Bookcase Dividers was part of an incredible house.  The house both inside and out is all Craftsman Inspired.  Now originally a true Craftsman house was very dark and full of wood.  The now updated version of this style includes a lot of White Trim as well.  I think this really helps to lighten up the "true" classic Craftsman style.

I wanted to share with you some pics of an amazing house. It was built by Moore Architects. Here is the rest of that house:

The Exterior Colours are as follows- all Sherwin Williams:

Trim including Eaves:

Downing Sand SW 2822 (Semi Gloss)

Cedar Shingles:

Downing Earth SW 2820 (Flat)


Downing Earth SW 2820 (Semi Gloss)


Polished Mahogany SW 2838 (Semi Gloss)

Paint Colour for Kitchen and Hallway:
Benjamin Moore; Adam's Gold HC-18

Paint Colour for Living Room and Office:

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143

Sorry I don't have any info on the paint for this bathroom.  But if I do find it out I will update.  As well I do not know what colour they used for the trim.  If it were me I would probably use either White Dove or Simply White.  But maybe in the future we can find out what colour they used.

You can see why I was smitten with this house.

One source you may want to try to buy Craftsman style lighting is:

1.  Rejuvenation:


1.  Rejuvenation:


1.  Rejuvenation:


So there you have it a little inspiration for Fri.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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