Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here is another room for my segment- Colour Stories.  Again I pick a room and then choose the colors I would use in that room.  Todays room is a Bedroom for a young girl:

Again, I went to my fan decks to figure out the colours I think would work in this room.  Yellow is always a tricky colour to suggest.  It could end up looking like Big Bird lives there or be so bright you would need sunglasses to be in there.
Picking a White for any room, especially the trim can be a difficult task as well.  If you don't pick the right white to go with the wall paint it can look just terrrible.  It all comes down to the undertone- the underlying hint of colour within a particular colour. You know what I mean- I am sure you have heard, "That blue is so pretty with it's green undertone."  And depending on how colours relate to each other- this can change how we perceive that colour.  Picking a colour isn't all that easy- if it was, anyone could do it!
Hope you enjoyed this Colour Story.
Have a great day!

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