Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am on a real colour frenzy lately.  Can't get enough!  So I thought I would share some of the images I am looking at lately.

This one is a bookstore in China.  Love the multicolour stair treads!  Happy Stairs!!

Why have a boring beige exterior?  These 2 really make a statement! ROYGBIV!!

Rainbow colours look so great with white.  Such a happy bookcase!

Diamond and Barratta-masters of the rainbow!!

Colour and pattern-a great space to kick back in.

A great way to style a shelf or bookcase is to do it by colour!

How much fun is this bench?  What a great conversation piece in a foyer or living room.

Great hand painted stairs.  What a great statement!  Just make sure that you use plenty of finish coat to protect all you have done.

"Parfait, everybody loves parfait!!"  Donkey from Shrek

Glass block jello- how awesome is this??  It's almost too pretty to eat!

Awesome kitchen!  What a great idea!  Can't make up your mind which colour to have for your doors- why not pick all of them.  Would definitely look great in a modern setting.

Another great rainbow kitchen.  I think it looks awesome- especially when set against white.

Loving this rag rug.  I would want to hang it as a work of art!

How amazing is this rug?  It is 100% Wool that has been felted.  Little balls of happiness right here!

I just had to show another pic of this rug- Little Lamb Freckle Rug.

You can own one of these lovelies.  They can be custom made for you by "eleven sides" on Etsy.  They are hand crocheted.  Just amazing!!

I love this handmade rug!  It is so colourful and preppy.  Inspires me to make something for myself.  I really love the colours in this one!

This lovely rug is made with FLOR carpet tiles.  How awesome is this?  The possibilities would be endless with these floor tiles.  Plus if one gets damaged you can easily replace it.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Great art in a very modern setting.  Love all the use of black in this white space

A lovely pic of a clean and white cottage style bedroom-just a sneak peek of a rainbow flat weave rug!

Another great shot of organizing books in terms of colour.  I love the colour set against the black and white!

This awesome kids room is by Color Theory of Boston.  I think this room would be every kids dream.  Again the use of carpet tiles to create a rug.  So great for a kids room- if it gets ruined it is easily replaced or fixed.

This amazing space was created by Greifenstein Boyce Associates.  I just love those chairs and the persimmon padded chaises.  Such a great hit of colour in an otherwise neutral space!  And those Pendants!!

This great space was designed by Tineke Triggs.  I truly love her spaces.  This one has just a hit of color.  Love the sliding barn door and the stone fireplace.

Talk about rainbow upon rainbow.  Such a dynamic space!

Loving the juxtaposition of the rainbow colours with all of the woodwork.  Those are some really great shelves-works so great in that narrow space.

This is such a great kids room.  Some might think that it may be too dark of a wall colour for kids-but it is a great neutral for everything else to play off of.  That blanket looks awesome against that wall colour.

Just look at that rainbow tufted ottoman.  It really stand out against the deep colour of the walls.  I especially love the hardwood floor-very European!

Wow-that is some amazing mosaic tile work- STUNNING!

I know I'm not one for jewelery-but I think I could like a little something like this.  I love all the colours-maybe that's why I like it so much!

I adore this dress!  How amazingly preppy and adorable is this dress?  I will definitely take one to go.  I have no idea where I would wear it-but I think I would find a place to!!!
You know I had to get fabric in here somewhere!!

I know this was a long post-but I just couldn't stop!!  I am totally crazy- I know!!  But I am just crazy for colour lately.
Have a great day everyone.

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