Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hey everyone, here is a new version of my shawl that I designed.  I named it the amazing and original name of Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0!!
It is as easy to knit as the 1st version just with a slightly different look.  I wanted to incorporate some garter stitches, so I added a Garter Ridge Stripe.  I think I like it better than the 1st version of the Easy Peazy Shawl.

It was knit with Diamond Luxury Collection Merino Bamboo.  It is 70% Merino Wool/30% Bamboo.  It was really nice to knit with. I knit the shawl in the Cranberry (6241) colourway. It took 7 balls and is 32"x 60".  So it is larger than version 1.0.  It is a soft red/deep pink colour.  The yarn has a soft heathered look to it.  I would totally use this yarn again.  It knit up really nicely.  This would be a great yarn to use for a sweater/cardi.  It is quite soft and has a lovely look to it.  It also has a very slight sheen to the yarn- must be the bamboo.
The pattern is available on Ravelry here.
I decided to give it a "rolled" garter edging.  I think that it is quite effective.
I actually used it yesterday morning while I ate breakfast and got the kids lunches made for when they are at Camp!  It was so lovely and cool this morning.  We had all the windows open and it was so nice.  There was a lovely breeze blowing through.  But alas, it is going to warm up quite a bit for today and tomorrow (30C).  So I don't think that I will be needing it for a little awhile!  I love it hot but I love cool nights and mornings too.  I think that 15C overnight and 25C during the day would just be about perfection!
Anyways, I hope you like it and check out the pattern on Ravelry.

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. hi megan, i downleaded your shaw i don't2.0) what im also interested in is your New Way of knitting an SSk.i don't see it here.the shaw is really nice!!

  2. Hey Gy- here is the link to the new way I found for SSK.

    Sorry for any confusion. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    Have a great day... and good luck with the shawl!!

  3. Hi,

    I'm on the Lace section and I keep running into a problem. I keep ending up with 62 stitches instead of 63. Any thoughts?

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    2. I think I'm having a similar issue: I seem to keep ending up with an extra stitch to knit in row 1. Is there an extra YO?

  4. Hi Megan, I downloaded this from Ravelry after having trouble with the first version, and it's side ways of the screen. I turn it to get it upright to the reading position and its sideways again. Can you give us another that's straightforward?

  5. Hi Megan, I love your work. Your pieces are beautiful. I'm having the same issue mentioned above. When I repeat row one in the Lace Pattern for the second time I have an extra stitch at the first marker. I've started over numerous times and keep having the same problem. I'd love to make this for my mom, but I could use some help. Thanks in advance.

  6. Wishing you continued inspiration and happy crafting,