Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey you remember the other day when I spoke of a Bedroom that was on Houzz?

It was asked what colour is this room.  As I stated in that entry, sometimes the designer will answer the questions posed and sometimes they don't.  The designer had not answered what colour it was and someone had suggested to print this pic and take it to their nearest paint store and have it colour matched.  And as I stated in the previous post, I gave my opinion on that one!!  I ended up having a conversation on Houzz with the person who suggested to print the pic.  Lets just say it wasn't overly positive on her end.  I made the point that everyone's printer is different, as is everyone's monitor.  Your paint store may indeed be able to colour match what has been printed, however, it will NOT be what the actual colour is in the room.  Most average printers aren't that accurate when it comes to colour.  Most print great, but not necessarily accurate.  I stated that even if that printed pic was bang on, how that colour looks in this incredible bedroom won't necessarily look great in your room.  That is why it is so important to test colours out in YOUR space.  You may find you might need a colour with a little more green in it, or one that is a little more saturated etc...... My point was lost on this individual.  So it made me think......Ok you print a pic and then have it colour matched.  But wait.......I will tell you right now......don't do is why.

As an experiment I downloaded onto my computer  paint colours that I picked at random.  I then printed them out and compared them to the ones in my fandeck:  See below:

Benjamin Moore-Summer Shower 2135-60

Benjamin Moore-Bird's Egg 2051-60

Benjamin Moore-Rapture CC-66

Although they are not the greatest pics in the world you can see my point.  Your printer will NOT print out an accurate enough colour match.  I don't care how good your printer is.  BUT....just say you have the worlds best printer and it is accurate beyond anything.  Well great! Colour match it and then go from there.  I would give the same advice as if you knew exactly what colour the designer used in a particular room.  Great, get that colour.....BUT USE IT AS A STARTING POINT!  What looks great in one room can look horrible in another.  The same can be said for even a particular colour in a room.  That is why it is so important to look at the colour in the room that you will be painting.  AND TO LOOK AT IT AT DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY.  Years ago when I was going to repaint my living room I loved a particular khaki colour.  Loved it in the daytime, HATED it at night.  It took on a horrible yellowy greeny tone at night.  
There are so many variables at work in everyone's own individual room.  The lighting, which direction does it face, what are the undertones in the rug, undertones in the furniture, etc..............It all conspires together. And I do mean conspire.  There are times that I so desperately would love to have a particular colour but everything in the room 'conspires" against me being able to pick that colour.

If I were you....if you love the colour in a room in a magazine or online-take it to the paint store.  Get the advice of the salesperson or get your favourite decorator to help.  A self printed pic will be less accurate than what you see onscreen, even though everyone's monitor's show colours differently.  Take your lap top or I-Pad to the paint store and use it as your starting point.
Don't get me wrong I love to know the colour a designer used in a particular room.  However, it should always just be a starting point or an inspiration for YOUR room.

Have a great day everyone.


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