Friday, September 14, 2012


For whatever reason, I have not been able to get as far on this as I had wanted to.  I was hoping that it would be nearly done so that I could get back to my little scarf and pattern and finish up my cable shrug and pattern.  I have hardly knit anything in the past couple of days. ARGHH!!  I am hoping to remedy that this evening and tomorrow.  I really want to get my scarf pattern up and running....
Here is what I have so far for the Easy Peazy Stripe Shawl:

This isn't the way I had originally intended for it to turn out, but, I think it looks OK so far.  Not bad considering what I had to work with.  I grabbed a bunch of balls when Zeller's was closing out.  I could only get one ball of the brown and red.  So I am having to make do.  I am hoping to get it done ASAP.
If you ever get a chance to knit with Red Hearts Eco Ways Bamboo Wool you won't be dissappointed.  It is such a nice yarn.  The colours are gorgeous, the hand or feel is really lovely and it has a great sheen.  On top of that it really does have great sturcture and stitch definition.  This yarn would be great knit in any textural stitch like garter, rib or seed stitch.  I think it would look especially great in seed stitch.  I also think this yarn would be great for a number of projects.  AND.... it states that you can felt it.  So this yarn is VERY versitile.  Yet, it isn't itchy like a regular wool.  I give this yarn two thumbs up!!!
I think I am going to start a rating system for yarn and use # balls to indicate how great it is.  Something to keep in mind........

Will keep you posted.....
Have a great day everyone.

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