Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It is well known that I LOVE Barclay Butera!  I love his colours, his fabrics and his designs.  They give so much inspiration and if you find the right fabrics in your snack bracket, his designs are very livable!!  I find great inspiration in his designs.  If you love Traditional with a twist then you will love his designs.  I am going to post a few of his designs and some of his favourite paint colours from his "Beach" Line: Enjoy:

This lovely Cottage by the sea- Oh be still my heart!  I know that some people may think that is may be too "themey" but I think it is just lovely.  All of the finishes are easy to care for-and really isn't that what it should be all about??  The paint colour that is used throughout the house is "Clear to See" by Vista. 

We can't get Vista here in Canada but I think that you could start with either:

Benjamin Moore- Summer Shower 2135-60

Benjamin Moore- Clear Skies 2054-70

 I chose both of these since they are similar but one is a more clean or clear colour than the other- depends on whether you want a muted greeny blue or not.  Both are lovely.

 These next 3 pics are my all time favourite bedrooms.  I love each for so many reasons!!

 This one- that leather sleigh bed-Sigh!!     And you can never go wrong with Blue and White- it is a classic.  I love how he used grass cloth above the panel moulding- just one more layer to love in here.

 This was the very first room I ever saw Barclay do.  What is not to love?  This room was probably done at least 6 or 7 years ago and it still looks fresh today- very classic!!

Again-Blue and White.  I love the use of the wallpaper in this room- very subtle yet adds so much more than if the walls were just painted a solid colour.  Again, very traditional yet very fresh!!

 These next rooms can be found in his new book-

 I love everything about this room.  Sign me up for that amazing sectional!!  And of course I love the Red White and Blue!!

 I put these pics in since Navy and Orange are so hot- It is such a great combo and one can see how great he has put these to great colours together:

I came across Barclay's favourite paint lists awhile back, here is the Beach palette he loves:
I am giving numbers for the paint colours that are for us in Canada and the numbers that may be different in the US- sometimes they are different.

Benjamin Moore- Gray Mist CC-80 or 962

Benjamin Moore- Harbor Fog 2062-70

Benjamin Moore- Blue Toile 748

Benjamin Moore- Old Glory 811

Benjamin Moore- Denim Wash CC-770,  838

Benjamin Moore- Santa Monica Blue-776

Benjamin Moore- Newburyport Blue HC -155

Benjamin Moore- Tidal Wave 2061-50

Benjamin Moore- Sapphireberry 2063-60

Benjamin Moore- White Opulence CC-69, 879

Love those beachy blues!

Hopefully this has given you all some beachy inspiration.
Have a great day everyone.

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