Friday, August 30, 2013


Morning everyone........  Wouldn't it be great to completely gut your kitchen and start over??  Unfortunately many of us do not have that option.  However, do not loose heart my can have a very lovely kitchen on a modest budget.  I came across this Refresh and was completely blown away.  It is simple, it is elegant and you can be sure did not cost a fortune.  This is an example of when painting cabinets really works.  If you have cabinetry that is relatively new or in great shape but do not like the finish.....then painting those babies may be just what the doctor ordered.  Enjoy this amazing Redo;

As you can see by the 3 above pics the cabinetry is in great shape.  I for one have NEVER been a fan of this colour of Maple Cabinetry.  The Orange undertone makes it very difficult to decorate around.  I apologize to anyone out there who loves this colour of cabinetry but to me it just dates and overwhelms the space.  The Black Granite too is so overwhelming as well.  Not only that but the counter is tiled.  I would NEVER have tile as an option for myself or a client as a counter top- EVER!  I would rather source a great laminate than have tile if budget is the deciding factor.  For some reason this option seems to be way more popular in the States than here at home in Canada.  I think that I have only ever seen a tiled counter top once in my whole life here at home.
So between the cabinet colour and all that granite this kitchen is starting to be dated...still perfectly functional and would be for many years to come.  However, with a little paint, new counters, sink, faucet, lighting and hardware....well it really is amazing.......

This amazing pendant is by Juliska and can be found here.

Everything that you see in this Refresh is cosmetic.  They kept all their appliances.....granted they were great to begin with.
The advantage to this type of Reno is that there is very little disruption as compared to a full on tear out.  These folks were very lucky in that their layout, cabinetry, and appliances were great.  This is the type of Reno that anyone can do.  You can either repaint the cabinetry yourself or have someone do it for you-whatever your budget allows.
I love how they used both Marble and Wood on their counters.  I am a huge fan of Marble (hope to have it myself someday), but I also love Wood for counters too.  The wood on the island is a great option, especially when you are sitting there.  It is way more comfortable on the arms for leaning-the wood will feel warmer to the touch.  As I have said in the island has a wood top.  I LOVE it.  It is warm to the touch, looks great and didn't break the bank.  For a couple of hundred dollars and a trip to Ikea we had a great counter top.  Doing so as the above family did, it really helps to stretch a budget as well as make a statement.

For me one of the best Whites to use for cabinetry in this instance would be:

White Dove OC-17

It is the kind of white that is "just enough".  What do I mean by is just clean enough, warm enough without being creamy, just plain awesome.  And depending on the Marble that was chosen would look so lovely with it.  I cannot overstate how amazing this white can be.  It is clean without being too stark.
So there you have it....a kitchen Redo that is completely cosmetic.  I just had to share this amazing kitchen with you all.  It truly does give one hope that with a little money, one can make a great impact on a space.

 I almost forgot to mention.....this great Redo was done by Kristi Spouse Interiors out of Kirkland, Washington.  She did such a great job.  Check out Kristi's other projects.....she has such a great aesthetic that is very livable.  That is one of my favourite that is both lovely and livable!!

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey Everyone.....Just a very quick posting today.  Usually I am not a fan of White Siding on a house.  However, there are instances when it really works.  This is just one case........

I LOVE a Red Door....and I mean love it!!  There is just something so amazing about a red door.  It catches your attention, yet at the same time it is so welcoming.  If you have always wanted to add a little Red to your life....then adding it to the front door is such a great place to start.......As long as it is the right Red that is.  This particular one is Caliente by Benjamin Moore.  It is an amazing Red.  One of my fav's in fact.

Caliente AF-290 Benjamin Moore

It is one of those Reds that is almost perfection.  It isn't too bright, to brown, too light or too dark.  It has such a richness to it.  If you are looking for a red that is a classic then this just may be your starting place.

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, August 26, 2013


As you may have noticed I haven't been doing my due diligence when it comes to this blog.  As you know I am the type of blogger that puts a posting together most days during the week.  However, this summer it seems that I haven't been doing that.  Call it writer's block or whatever.  I have been concentrating on my boys, knitting and lord knows what else!!!  Time slips away and now it is nearly Sept.........  I promise to do my best in the near future....hang in there for now and I will see you all soon (ish)!

Until then enjoy the lovely Picot Edging on one of my favorite shawls....Thunder Shawl.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hey Everyone....I hope all is well in your Universe!  I finally got the pattern for my new shawl all loaded up onto Ravelry here.
So without further is the new shawl:

It took 4 skeins of:
Mirasol Hacho

And it took 3 skeins of
St. Denis Nordique

I wish I could properly articulate how much I loved these yarns.  The Mirasol Hacho was like BUTTA!!
The softness of the 100% Merino Wool is like no other.  It is so soft.  The colours are amazing.
The St. Denis Nordique was so lovely to use as well.  Although not as soft as the Hacho it certainly is a lovely 100% Wool yarn.  I can't say enough about both of these yarns.  Before I even designed this shawl I had ordered the St. Denis and made a shrug.  I had bought the Hacho  at my local yarn shop Spun. and made a Capelet.....both of those projects will be shown in the future (not my patterns by the way.....just needed some mindless knitting).  But as soon as I finished the Capelet I knew I wanted to make a shawl with using what I had left over and scouring the planet (England actually).....I found enough to make my shawl.  I just knew that these two yarns would look lovely together.
I cannot stress enough that picking the right yarn for a project is so key.  I was lucky enough that the Nordique really complemented the Hacho not only in gauge, type of yarn but also colour.  And the last point I cannot stress enough.  When using two different yarns for a project like is so important that you pick the right colour to complement your variegated yarn.  I really wanted the shawl to have a subtle stripe in it.  I also wanted the Garter Banding to compliment the varigated yarn...And I think I was successful.
I have to say that designing and knitting this project was pure JOY!!  Between the feel of the yarn and the colour combo...well...... PURE HAPPINESS!!
Now.....why "Thunder Shawl"??  Well...the colour name of the Hacho was Thunder Skies, so I kind of just went with it!
But wait!  I didn't even mention the picot edge!  I love the Picot Edge.  I have always wanted to add that little detail to a shawl.  There is just something about Picot Edging..... I have to say it is probably one of my favourite edge details you will find.  There is just something about it!

Anyways....I hope you like the new shawl and maybe even want to give it a go.
And as always if you have any questions or know you can always drop me a line.

Have a great day everyone.