Thursday, May 31, 2012


First of all - I just wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Kristin at Favorite Paint Colors blog

She posted about my Living Room yesterday!  So Thanks Kristin!  It is people like her that make this blogging community so great.  You should check out her blog- it is full of inspiration from everyday people.  You know when you see a room and were wondering what colour it was painted-well she lists the paint that was used in that particular room.  Not only that, but other people can then hop on over to that persons blog to check out stuff.  What a great idea!!  So go on over and check Kristin out-you won't be dissapointed!!

It seems that everything is blooming slightly early.  And the heat today and tomorrow is really going to push my Siberiam Iris' to the max.  They won't last long.  But when they do bloom they are gorgeous.  They are the most gorgeous purple ever!!

Doesn't nature just rock??  That purple and blue!  It is redonkulous!!

Gloxinia- Pratt and Lambert

I also have the most amazing Poppies this year.  I planted them 3 years ago. And like any perennial it takes a few years for them to really establish.  And boy have they delivered this year!!

Flame- Pratt and Lambert

This Poppy looks like it is on fire-  It is the most beautiful Orangey Red.

Deep Cerise- Pratt and Lambert

This Poppy is a gorgeous deep pink.
They look as if they are made with the most delicate crepe paper ever.  You know what I mean when I say crepe paper??  Like the paper that streamers are made of.  The center of the poppies is and amazing purpley brown. 

Kalamata Olive- Martha Stewart MSL 195

I'm in love!  Can you tell??

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was at Fabricland today intending on buying some white linen (which I did) that I wanted to make some special tea towels.  I am going to do a painted Ombre stripe on them- more to come later....
Anyways....when I was there I happened upon some fabric that has already been elasticized and gathered on one end....  So......  In order to make a dress all I have to do is sew one seam- YES!!  ONE SEAM! NOW YOU ARE TALKING MY FRIEND!! Oh and a hem of course!  I am going to add spaghetti straps so the girls are a little more secure or at least I am!!  I would love to go strapless but alas, so NOT happening.
Here is that lovely fabric.....

I haven't even done anything yet and it already looks like a dress- just my kinda project.  I know that I have sewn pretty much everything-you name it I have probably sewn it, but sometimes you just want to do something easy!
Yes those are indeed my toes!!  I was just too lazy to take another pic!  But doesn't it already look like a dress??  They had so many fabrics to choose from but you know me- I love all things Red White and Blue!!
I was amazed when I saw this fabric.  Normally this type of dress isn't my thing but I thought for the price- cost being $16.00 for the piece ($10.00/metre), why not.  I thought I could wear it as a beach cover up, or a dress to hang out in.  Normally dresses for me are very challenging- I am 5'4"ish!!  Not small in the breast area and I am short waisted.  So dresses don't generally fit me off the rack.  I love shift dresses but most of the time they don't fit-mostly due to being short waisted.  I think that I fell for the pattern and colour in this fabric.

Just look how gorgeous she is!!!

So when I am done- which won't take too long I will post about it.
Generally, I am not a huge fan of Fabricland.  I don't think they carry great Home Dec fabric-sorry Fabricland.  They are great for the basics though- thread, buttons, some fashion fabrics...  But I feel they could be so much better if they improved on their Home Dec fabrics- places like Calico Corners and kick their butt!!  But since I live here in Canada I can't buy from Calico Corners.  I can only drool and get inspiration from their website!!  But I will say,that this fabric I found, well.... they hit it out of the park- this time!!

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just wanted  share a few pics of my Living Room with it's new "coat" on.  The colour is Valspar-Allen & Roth-"Morning Jog".  I am so in love with this colour- it is a watery blue with a green undertone to it.  Every time I walk in to the house I smile.  And really isn't that what you are supposed to do??
Anyways.... here is a few pics.

Have a great day everyone.


Monday, May 28, 2012


I bought a couple of Navy lanterns from Ikea a while back (they still have the lanterns but I think they come in Black or White now).  So when I repainted the living room I thought that red would really stand out and add a little punch to the space.
Here is what the lantern looked like before:

So if I were to do an equation........

I love the new look of the lantern!!  I used Krylon Gloss Cherry Red!  And it is fabulous!!  I picked up a can at Walmart for $4.00!  And I think it was worth every penny!!

The Cherry Red is the perfect Red to compliment my Dining Room Colour- Para, Hottie.
It also looks great against the blue I painted the living room- Morning Jog by Allen and Roth(Valspar).
I will be sharing pics over the next little while as we get things done in the house.  The Dining Room is almost done!  The trim looks AWESOME!!!  I have such a great handy husband!

Have a great day everyone!!
P.S- the flowers are courtesy of my backyard- The red one is a Heuchera and the whitish pink is a Silver Dollar (I think).

Friday, May 25, 2012


I have always loved Red, White and Blue.  It's not a whole Americana thing for me or anything.  I think it stems from my British roots and my Canadian life.  I just love those colours.  I thought I would share with you all some Red, White and Blue:

The red in the above pic is Enticing Red- Sherwin Williams.  I love how Vibrant it is.  Looks fabulous with the bright blue they have used.  This is such a great lesson in the picking of the right colours together- A clean Bright Red with a clean Bright Blue.

Enticing Red- Sherwin Williams

Source Unknown

I have had this pic in my files for years.  It is one of my all time favourites.  If I can find the Ralph Lauren floral print fabric, the Ralph Lauren Stripe Wallpaper and that awesome dresser painted a killer Red, I am so redoing my room like this!  I love the red they chose for the dresser.  It could be very silmilar to Cherry Red, Real Red or Gypsy Red all by Sherwin Williams.  Sherwin Williams really does have some great Reds.  And one thing that is so great about them- they mix it in a base especially formulated for Reds so they aren't as opaque as other Reds.  Some Reds would need 4-6 coats to get the same intensity when mixed into a clear base.  Words can't even describe how much I love that dresser!!

This wall colour in this room is Kensington Blue- one of my favourite Navy Blues.

Kensington Blue- Benjamin Moore

The above wall colour is Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore.

Glass Slipper-Benjamin Moore

It is such a lovely watery blue without a greeny undertone.  It is a clear light blue.
A similar clear,light blue is Duck Egg by Beauti-Tone (Home Hardware/Style at Home).

I can't even put into words how much I LOVE this kitchen.  Amazing!

Here are some of my favourite Red, White and Blues::

Lyons Red- Benjamin Moore

Poinsettia- Sherwin Williams

Cherry Tomato- Sherwin Williams

Hale Navy- Benjamin Moore

Philipsburg Blue- Benjamin Moore

Kensington Blue- Benjamin Moore

Polar Sky- Benjamin Moore

Lily White- Benjamin Moore


Patriotic White-Benjamin Moore

Oxford White- Benjamin Moore

Decorator's White- Benjamin Moore

I would be remiss if I didn't include the colours that I am currently using in my home- Hottie by Para
Mariner by Martha Stewart, Morning Jog by Valspar and Pocket Watch White (1/2 strength).

Thanks for stopping by-have a great day everyone.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Got the living room painted today.  Wanted to get it done before the heat and humidity came in for Thurs.  They say it could be 29C with a humidex of 35C!!  Oy, that's hot for May!  But I will take it and not complain. I really do not like Winter all that much.  I put up with it because well.... I have to living here in Canada.  Not that I would call what we had was winter this year.  Probably the mildest winter I can ever imagine-EVER!!  But unless it's 24C/75F I am NOT happy.

But what I am happy about is the colour of my living room- I love "Morning Jog" by Valspar-Allen &Roth.

 The Allen &Roth line is really nice- some really lovely colors- so go on down to your nearest Lowes and check them out!

I thought that I would share some of my all time favourite watery blues with you all until I finish up the living room.

Woodlawn Blue HC 147 Benjamin Moore


Sevres Blue-  ICI

Pavanne- Pratt and Lambert

Star Cluster- ICI

The ceiling in this kitchen is Star Cluster.  Walls are Ionic Green-ICI.

Constellation AF-540 Benjamin Moore

Topsail SW 6217 Sherwin Williams

Palladian Blue HC-144 Benjamin Moore

Nickel -Pratt and Lambert

These are but a few of my favourite watery blues.  I hope they have given some inspiration.
Have a great day everyone.