Thursday, May 17, 2012


Do you ever feel that you are behind the times?  I know that I feel that way sometimes myself.  Just because something is "in" or is a trend does not mean you have to jump on the band wagon to be relevant.  Well, at least that's how I think anyways.
Take the whole gray thing for instance.  I definitely think it is here to stay for awhile.  Just like the whole brown thing was here for awhile.  So what does one do if everything in your house just simply won't go with gray for instance?  Well, the way I see it you have a couple of options.
1. Spend a whole lot of money and change everything (not economical for the most of US).
2. Introduce a gray that will compliment or at least NOT fight with what you have- pick a warmer gray like:

Benjamin Moore- Edgecomb Gray HC 173

Benjamin Moore- Revere Pewter HC 172

Benjamin Moore- Gray Owl 2137-60

Both Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter are warm and Gray Owl has a nice green undertone to it.

However, if you were to pick a bluer gray you might pick:

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray HC171

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC 170

I really love Wickham gray but it so would NOT work in my space!  The problem with picking a gray with a warmer or greener undertone you run the danger of the undertone showing through in a strong way-which is fine if that is what you want.  Me on the other hand if I were to do gray I would want a truer gray-one that tends to run cooler-that's just me.

3. You could incorporate gray or another on trend pattern in a small way.  Introduce a pillow or an ottoman for instance.

The problem with introducing gray into my space is that my space is very open on the main floor.  Since the living room, dining room and kitchen are open to each other they all have to go together, there needs to be flow.  The main thing that is dictating my colour choices is that my kitchen cabinets have a very definite Yellow undertone to them and putting any type of gray with them just doesn't look good-Period!  The cabinets have the strangest yellow undertone to them.  It's like they aren't a creamy undertone but a cleaner, truer yellow.  So to say that putting a gray with them would be challenging would be an understatement.  The thing is I don't want a greeny gray in my house and anyways I have tried every gray up against them and they all look awful.  And on top of that, my granite counters have a golden undertone to them as well.  So again gray just does not look good with them.
So what is person to do if you can't be or just simply don't want to be on trend with gray?  Well, here's a news flash- YOU DON"T HAVE TO!!  As far as I am concerned whatever or however you want to decorate is up to you!  There are so many options out there as far as colour goes anyways.  Gray is but one of the many available.
I have to know what is trendy at any given time.  Does that mean I rush out and spend all my time keeping up- NO!  First of all that is completely ridiculous-especially for the everyday person.  And secondly, that would be exhausting!
So instead of bringing gray into my home I am going to update other ways.  You all know we have been adding Wainscoting to the Dining Room- almost there everyone!  I am also moving somethings around in my house- area rugs that is.  As I have stated in previous posts,I am craving colour so I am incorporating this in my home:

ICI- Desert Valley

Para- Hottie P5086-75

Mariner-Martha Stewart MLS 165

Yes, I am well aware that some will think that a "gold" is passe and so yesterday.  But I wanted a colour that was fairly neutral yet still had some life to it.  The following pics are my inspiration for the colour scheme:

I really love a interiors with a nautical bent.  This living room by Christina Roughan hit all the marks for me.  I love the warm coloured walls, the red/navy/white and gold, that gorgeous velvet William Birch Sofa, leather wing chair, etc.......  Really I could go on and on!  It's the kind of room that will look great for years to come.

I love how she has hung all of the art.  I love the themes and the consistent frames.  I know that many might think that black frames would be the obvious choice but for one thing there isn't any black in the room.  Secondly the white frames play off of all the white in the room .

Barclay Butera is one of my all time favourite designers.  For me He is my classic!  I feel that his designs are very accessible to a lot of people- well in terms of inspiration that is.  Have you seen the cost of his pillows!!  Yikes!  But even with all that, I still love his designs.  His designs are so inviting-especially his more casual spaces.

Not only do I love this room for it's colour scheme but I love the fabrics chosen as well.  I know that this Trellis pattern has been used many times in many interiors but for me it just doesn't get old.  If I had the money I would be recovering my wing chair in it-but alas I will have to use something else!  I also love the grass cloth for the walls that was chosen. I know that grass cloth isn't for everyone but I love it because of the texture it gives.  This space for me is so inviting and slightly edgy with a modern twist-it closes in on as close to perfection for me that there is!!  And again in this pic, the art is framed in white.  I am really loving this frame colour right now. I am thinking of changing out my black for white- quite easy-just a can of spray paint is all!

So this is what I am working with.  I will keep you all up to date as I move ahead.  As I stated in a previous posting- I already have the paint- all purchased at Habitat for Humanity.  I really love that place for paint!  Reuse and save I always say!!  I have spent $60.00 on paint for 6 cans- not too shabby!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I love your style and color scheme! You need to love your house and just like the browns & chocolates are 'supposedly' out of style, I disagree & so would many, if not most designers!!!!