Monday, May 7, 2012


Well Spring is definitely under way here in Southern Ontario.  Although we did have a very mild winter and an early spring things cooled down a bit to slow things down just slightly.  The lilacs are blooming and so are the ornamental trees.  I wish you all had Smellovision-it smells just amazing!
I thought I would share with you all some of the things that are blooming in my garden along with some paint colours that I pulled out of them:

I love Irises!  They are just so amazing!  I received these from a friend of my Mum-in-Laws a couple of years ago.  Now that they have established, they are going to bloom really well this year.  This is the first bloom and it is gorgeous!!

Lemon Freeze 2025-50 (BM)

Vintage Wine 2116-20 (BM)

The Yellow chosen is much more of a yellowy green in real life.  And it has a brightness to it as well.  The Purpley brown is a great contrast to the yellow.

And of course the violets are blooming.  I do think that they are great-to point.  They can tend to be a little invasive.  But their little purple flower is really quite lovely!  I really love the combo of the bright green with the purple.

Something similar in paint may be.....

Scandinavian Blue 2068-30 (BM)

Gassy Fields 2034-30  (BM)

The Scandinavian Blue is much more purple in real life. They look pretty sweet together!

Bleeding Hearts are such a magical flower.  They almost look unreal!  The shape is just crazy.  And the pink!  Love it!  Pink is my favourite flower colour.

Raspberry Mousse 2076-40 (BM)

Fresh Lime 2032-30 (BM)

 Doesn't it sound like these two would be good enough to eat together?? Raspberry Mousse and Fresh Lime  I just love the colours of pink that are in Bleeding Hearts.  There is a white version of Bleeding Heart but the pink is by far my favourite.

Gotta love Lilac not only for how they look but for how they smell.  The scent that they are pumping out right now is just amazing!  I tried to get a better pic but the blooms are quite high up in the tree.  One tip for lilacs is that when pruning them make sure that the main tree has around 7 or 8 good arms.  If you get suckers of smaller ones growing-trim them off.  This helps to keep the shape and to make it put all it's energy into those 7 or 8 branches.

Lavender Lipstick 2072-50 (BM)

Beach Plum 2072-60 (BM)

When it comes to my Lilac tree, Mother Nature sure knew the right colours to pick.  It is such a lovely Lavender colour.

The last item in my garden that is blooming besides the weeds, is my Viburnum.  I must say that I am not very fond of it's scent but it sure is pretty.  The flowers are such a nice shape.

Well that's it for now.  Other things in the garden are growing like the Hosta's and Dayliliies but they aren't quite there yet.

Have a great day everyone.

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