Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hey Everyone, Have you seen the new tool from Sherwin Williams?? Well it's new for me.  It's called
"Chip It".  And I LOVE IT (as a toy that is)
Talk about addictive.  You go to the site here and download the little widget to your favourites.You can then go to any image on the web, click on your "Chip It" and then roll over the image you want and click the little Chip It icon and Voila......  They give you equivalent paint colours pulled out of the image!  I LOVE IT!!  They have really easy instructions to download the icon-very easy.

Here is some examples:

Now to be completely fair to those of us that deal with colour as a job I don't think this will put anyone out of business.  Why?  Well for one thing,  the program is just pulling colour out of the picture-it isn't reality.  In the first pic that I posted above, you can see a sneak peek of my office.  The colours are NOT accurate for real life.  The blue that was chosen- SW7606 Blue Cruise isn't even in the same Universe!  It pulled a very purpley blue when in fact in real life the colour is much closer to a turquoisey blue.  In the 4th pic the picture of the Navy dress with Fuchsia flowers doesn't even show a true Navy.  And I know that that dress is Navy. So just be warned is all I am saying.  It is a very fun thing to play with and post.  BUT, only use it as a starting point when actually decorating.  Remember the program is pulling from a pic on the web not seeing the real image.
If you want to have help with picking colours for real life then ask the professionals.
But by all means go have at it with "Chip It".  It is a lot of fun

Have a great day everyone.

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