Friday, May 11, 2012


As I have stated in a precious posting....  Now that the dining room has gone Red, I am feeling that the livng room, dining room and hallway will have to change as well.  You know, onw thing leads to another!  I did pick up some paint from Habitat Restore, ICI Desert Twilight.  I do like it.  However, part of me wants to have a different colour upstairs.  I am certifiable, really I am!  If I don't use the Desert Twilight on the main floor I can always use it in the basement in the family room- goodness know it could really use it!  It gets a lot of abuse since the boys are down there playing a lot. So I got to thinking if I were to use a gray, which one would it be??  Since my posting yesterday, I got to thinking about Lamp Room Gray, Pavillion Gray or Conforth White all by Farrow and Ball.  They are such a great shades of gray.  Gray and Red really do look lovely together.  So here are some pics of red and gray:

Conforth White 228 Farrow and Ball

Pavilion Gray 242 Farrow and Ball

Lamp Room Gray 88 Farrow and Ball

I know I have said it in the past-my tastes generally tend to be traditional.  Red and Gray is generally used in a more modern setting.  There are exceptions to that including the pic from ChicagoHomeMag and the gorgeous room from Architectual Digest that is Brooke Sheilds home.  I love Brooke's home -it is traditional yet has a youthful vibe to it- LOVE IT!!

Hopefully I will be able to pick a colour and STICK with it in the near future.  Until then the search will continue and I promise to take you along with me.

Have a great day everyone.

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