Friday, March 30, 2012


When we bought our house almost 8 yrs ago I knew that I was going to change many things.  One of the first things we changed was the kitchen and bathroom.  We have slowly done other projects over the years.  The one thing that I have always wanted to change and have from day one is the glass block beside my front door.

I mean who puts glass block there anyways?  It is one of those things that whenever I see it and I see it every day, I kinda cringe.  I  know glass block has it's uses but beside my front door is not one of them.  What were they thinking?  I know exactly what I want to put there- an oval window with clapboard type siding.  And of course the window will have awesome thick white trim.

Here is the offending side window in all of it's glory!!

So there it is.  I mean.....  REALLY!!!  Someone thought that glass block would look GREAT!!  I mean, it has NO relation to anything.  I can't wait to change this puppy.   So I have provided some lovely eye candy oval window style.  Enjoy:

This is exactly what I want it to look like inside.  I love the use of the bead board and the white trim around the window.

 The following 7 images are from Architect Peter Cadoux.  I have found a new design crush!  His houses are redonkulous- and I mean that in a good way.  His use of trim is amazing. 

Or maybe this type of Wainscoting with the Oval window would work as well. Hmmmm..........

How lovely would it be to have this window in your office??

I have always loved a window seat.  I love a window seat on a landing even more!  And the fact it is an oval- OY!!

Great nautical style bathroom!  I love how the Oval Window has a custom cover!

This is such a beautiful shot.  I love how they have used darker trim for added emphasis.

How quaint is that window up at the top of the peak!  It is so sweet!

I think this is one of the loveliest benches I have ever seen.  I love how they have disguised heating in the bench with screening for ventilation.  The gray just adds to the overall softness.  And the Trim!!!  Oh-and the window is pretty awesome too!

What can I say about this except- Yes please!  The trim, windows and roof line all make for an amazing elevation.

You don't see that too often- an Oval Window that can open!  Imagine!

This is one instance where I think white trim is called for- it contrasts beautifully with the green siding.  I am usually a big fan of trim that is painted some other colour than white.

Absolutely gorgeous.  That eyebrow window and the two flanking oval windows give this front exterior a really great elevation.

How nautical can you get??  Love it!

I love all the different roof lines in this one- makes it very interesting-as does the beautiful trim and oval window.

How gorgeous is this bathroom?  The trim, wall colour, marble and window all add up to a pretty special space!

Stone, siding and Oval Window= amazing!

The dark wall colour really emphasizes the trim of the oval window!

How lovely is that Oval window in that gorgeous kitchen?

I know that these windows have absolutely nothing to do with my situation but I just HAD to put it in.  If Antonio Gaudi were to ever have built a firehouse I think this would have been it!!  AMAZING!!

I just love an Oval Window in a stairway!  Don't you??  It looks especially good here.  Such a lovely shot!

Very fancy!  But I have to say that there is a lot of classic details here- the Oval Window of course, the black and white floor, the curving staircase.  All amazing!

This is very classic.  This is what I would like the exterior treatment on my house to look like around the door area in this pic- the window and the siding.

Gorgeous dining room.  I really like symmetrical design- just one of my things I guess.

I think what really caught my eye here is the window, the trim and the colour of the room.  This wall colour is one of my favourites- looks something like Wythe Blue HC-143 B/M maybe??

Well that's just a few great examples of Oval Windows.  Now if only I can find a window that fits not only my house but fits my budget!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I wanted to show you the Velvet that I have in my home.  Currently the Velvet I have is only a few pillows- but it is a start!  I also have some Velvet in my stash.
Sometimes the stars align and you get something for next to nothing.  I was able to purchase a bunch of remnants of fabric that was regular $109.00/yd!!  I payed around $5.00-$7.00 per piece.  That is a heck of a savings my friends.  And some pieces I have, I will be able to get at least 2 pillows out of.

Anyways-here is some in my stash:

The green one is soo gorgeous.  I didn't need it at the time but I just had to get it.  It is so vibrant.  And it was only $5.00 for a piece large enough to make 2- 20" pillows!

Here are some Velvet Pillows that I have in my living room.

The Velvet is made of Cotton.  It is soooo soft.  And, I have to say they have held up really well.  When people come over to hang out they get sat upon, sat against and thrown on the floor and they look just as good as when I made them over a year ago.

When I make pillows, especially ones that are Velvet I use an invisible zipper.  It just makes them look more professional.  I think it is easier to put an invisible zipper in than a regular one, buts that just me!!
Just remember that Velvet can be a bit of a pain in the tuchas to sew with.  It can tend to move on you when you sew with it.  It requires patience and a lot of pins.  It also helps if you place the two pieces that are being sewn together with the nap running in the same direction.  Not only does this make the pillow look better, it makes it easier to sew.  The fabric will tend to hold together better as opposed to slipping.  Velvet likes to "walk" when you sew it.  If you have ever sewn Velvet you know exactly what I mean.  The two pieces of fabric start to slip and go away from each other instead of staying together- makes life interesting for sure!!

Anyways- just wanted to show you my Velvet pillows.
Have a great day everyone

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hey everyone, I thought I would share with you some of the pillows I have created over the years.  I have been sewing since I was 12, got my first sewing machine when I was 13 and I haven't stopped since.  It is the kind of skill that comes in really handy.  If you can sew a straight line, do you know how much money you can save yourself??  You can make pillows and basic drapes.  It really isn't rocket science-that's what I tell everyone!  So without further ado here is some of my pillows:

 This Pillow was created with many different fabrics and add ons.  I am a firm believer in reusing, so parts of the pillow are a white shirt that had a hole in it (white waffle fabric).  The fabrics used are a seersucker plaid fabric, a waffle weave fabric from a shirt, some linen and a vintage embroidered tablecloth bought at a garage sale.  I so wish I had more of that plaid fabric, it has such great colours in it-so fresh and fun.  I also embellished with some little green buttons that I got from a friend.  She gave me 3 large Ziploc bags full of buttons many years ago.  They used to belong to an Aunt and she thought I may be able to do something with them- well she was right, could I?  I also applied some Rickrack.  I LOVE me some Rickrack.  In fact I think I am slightly obsessed about it.   I love all kinds- white, colourful, chenille-you name it I love it!!

 Here is a closeup of the pillow and the embroidered fabric.  The embroidery came from a vintage tablecloth.  Now don't get too excited- Normally I wouldn't chop up such a beauty but there were quite a few rust marks that I would not be able to remove.  But I saw the beauty that she was and knew I would be able to do something with her!   So off I went and began cutting her up.

 This of course is the back view.  Quite often I like to make pillows with an "envelope" opening.  This allows me to be creative even with the back.  I used Vintage buttons and added additional Rickrack.  It is such a little thing that adds so much!

A closeup of the back.  Rickrack is very easy to apply.  You just have to take your time and sew right down the center of it.  Just takes a little practice is all!

This little pillow was made with fabric I bought at Fabricland.  The back is chartruesey linen (is that a word I just made up?) .  Lip Cord has been added to the edge.  It has a very simple envelope back-nothing special.  I wanted the front fabric to be the star.  I just wanted to make something simple with a special fabric.  When sewing Lip cord in the seam of the edge, the key to getting great corners is to pull all the lip cord towards you in the corner, insert your needle at the corner, then pivot.  ALWAYS pivot!  NEVER sew around the corner.  You will not get a nice sharp corner if you do.

This little guy- well not so little at 22" square, was a lesson for me in precision.  I bought this stripe fabric with the idea that I was going to do this.  The key is to buy a great striped fabric, cut 4 triangles and then sew them together like so:  Sew 2 triangles together, sew the other 2 together then sew the 2 bigger triangles you have made together to make a square.  The key is to make sure that all of your stripes are lining up.  Thank goodness it turned out.  I HATE ripping seams out to redo them- but I do since I like well sewn seams!  Anyways,  I have always wanted to try this with striped fabric. I think it worked out really well.  The key is to take your time and check that the stripes are lined up- you have to do it often.  It is worth it if you take your time.  The other key is to use many, many pins, if you are at all unsure of your accuracy-this will really help.  You could always baste it 1st to help with your accuracy as well.  Basting is temporary stitching that will be taken out after you have stitched the seams together securely.

This little lovely is one of my favourites that I have ever created.  I think it has to do with the sunny, fun, happy colours that are in it.  In this pillow, I used the same embroidered tablecloth I mentioned before, some white linen I had from so long ago, a yellow pillowcase fabric for the back, Rickrack and Vintage buttons.
The Checkered fabric is one of my all time favourite fabrics.  It just makes my heart sing to look at it!  I especially like the embroidery on this pillow. The tablecloth had 2 different but similar embroideries on it.  I also had the idea of adding the Rickrack to the edging in the seam.  Adding Rickrack here is slightly more challenging that just adding a piping edging.  You have to constantly be checking in your seam as you sew to make sure that you are sewing down the center of the Rickrack.  It takes a little time but I think it is sooooo worth it.  Again, use many pins and check that seam often!

The last pillow I am sharing with you today is this Fuchsia beauty.  That's 3 pinkish pillows on this posting.  Think I may have to use them in my office- that means I'll have to repaint- but hey I see a theme brewing..........
Anyways,  I picked up the Fuchsia fabric the same time as I picked up the striped fabric I used for my 'challenge".  I believe that both were a Liz Claiborne fabric.  If I could get a hold of more of this fuchsia fabric I would love to make drapes with it.  It has delicate little flowers embroidered on the fabric with white and green- it is so lovely!  Again, I used Rickrack in the seam as an edging.  I also made covered buttons with the embroidered part of the fabric.  That is another thing that I am mildly obsessed with- Covered Buttons!!  I just love them.  I especially love them when velvet is involved.  Velvet covered buttons are so....  I can't fully describe it.  It's a small luxury, a little jewel-just love them.  I also used a satin type fabric in a chartreuse colour for the backing.  I really like the combo of Fuchsia and Chartreuse- very juicy!!

Well that's just a few of the pillows I wanted to share with you today.  Hope this gave a little inspiration or an idea or two.  Hope you enjoyed!
Have a great day everyone.