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No I don't mean the ones you lay in outside under the stars with the jets going with a drink in your hand!!!  I mean stand alone tubs that demand attention because of the colour!!  Now I know that colour isn't always for everyone.  But it sure is a great way to garner attention in the bathroom.  They certainly can make a statement.  I tried to find all the colours of the rainbow as it were.  I am also adding the paint colours I think they may be as a starting point for those that are inspired to give it a go.  This won't be a complete match but will give an approximation.  It will give you a starting point if you were looking to paint a particular colour.

My pick for this tub would be Benjamin Moore's Darkest Grape 2069-30.  It really is a true purple without any magenta undertone to it.

For a similar colour try Sherwin Williams Exuberant Pink SW 6840.

For this colour try ICI Pineapple 45YY 68/380.

 I adore this bathroom.  For a similar colour try... Benjamin Moore Blue Lake 2053-40.

This one is obviously an acrylic tub but I had to put it in because it is soooo pretty!

This one allows your imagination to run wild- so go for it!!

For this tub try.....Benjamin Moore Big Country Blue 2066-30, or for a little softer shade ICI Skipper 30BB 15/346

For this tub try Benjamin Moore Deep Rose 2004-10.

I love this room- it is so fun, so vibrant but I especially love the black tub in here.  For this colour try Benjamin Moore Jet Black 2120-10.  I may have to do an additional post on this one.....  Maybe a colour story!  What an amazing combination of colours!

How fun is this bathroom.  That tub is so amazing....  For this colour try......Benjamin Moore's Margarita 2026-20 or Sherwin Williams Center Stage SW 6920.

This is a tough one, but if I had to pick I would pick Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain 2134-30.  It is hard to tell because of the angle and the lighting.  If we were to go with a colour with a more green undertone to it I would choose Sharkskin 2139-30.

Yellows are very hard to pin down- especially in a picture.  But going by what I see on my screen I would try ICI Lemon Wedge 50YY 69/257.

I have admired this bathroom for while now.  It is so great as a family bathroom.  The colour I would pick is  Benjamin Moore Blue Lagoon 2054-40.

Gotta love a black tub with rustic flooring.  Try Space Black 2119-10 in high gloss.

To me the above tub is a softer black. Try Benjamin Moore Black Ink 2127-20 to achieve this.

This was a tough one to pin down but if I had too, I would pick Benjamin Moore Down Pour Blue 2063-20.

For this tub I chose ICI Julip Ice 30GY 69/141.  It is a lovely Icey Green without being Minty!

For this tub I would choose Benjamin Moore Italiano Rose 2087-30.

Now, for this one I would start with Benjamin Moore's York Harbour Yellow 2154-40 and add a glaze in an ochre tone over top.

I really loved this example since it is similar to the  colour of the year for 2012- Tangerine Tango.  My pick would be Benjamin Moore Orange Blossom 2168-30.

This is such a lovely bathroom by Sarah Richardson.  Love the combo of Yellow and Grey- which we all know has been very popular for the past year- Now... I don't have to guess this colour because it is SR-51 Buttercup (Sarah Richardson-Para).

For this tub I am picking Benjamin Moore Strawberry Red 2003-20.  It is such a saturated rosy red- I love it!

The purple I am choosing for this tub is Benjamin Moore Passion Plum 2073-30.  It has a hit of magenta in it that really warms it up!

When I see this colour I think of Victorian, I think old world, I think Dusty Rose.  For this tub I would pick
Benjamin Moore Coral Dust 2173-60.

This tub is a tricky one in that you don't want to be too bright, but you have to have a touch of green in the yellow- but not too much.  I would pick Benjamin Moore Lemonade 2024-60.  If this were too lemony then I would pick Pale Celery 2150-60- this would be a tad it more green and less bright!

I don't know why, but this tub seems very British to me.  The colour I would pick is....Benjamin Moore Newport Green 2050-30.  And for a more muted green I would pick Benjamin Moore Waterbury green HC-136.

Now..... This tub takes me to a happy place in my heart- how could it not??  The colour I would pick for this tub is......   Benjamin Moore Rocky Mountain Sky 2066-40 or try ICI Bluebirds Song 93BG 32/374.

I love this tub.  There is such a softness to it.  And the setting is so rustic and placid- LOVE IT!  The colour I would pick for the tub is......Desert Twilight 2137-40  or try Sea haze 2137-50. 

I just had to put this one in.  I love how they have used a stencil here- so creative.

And lastly, this tub with it's creamy paint and creamy setting is such a lovely room.  The colour I would use is...Benjamin Moore Creamy White OC-7.

I just love claw foot tubs.  They can be reinvented into whatever you want.  You can stay traditional, you can go funky or go somewhere in between.  You are only limited by your imagination.
Have a great day everyone.

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