Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here we go again.  I just couldn't stop- sorry..... well not really!  I LOVE gingham and wanted to share that with you all.  Here are some more pics- Enjoy!

This Lilac gingham is so soft and light. 

Red and white- always one of my favourites!  And it's not one of those fancy expensive fabrics.  It is so easy to make red and white gingham look so good.

Just look at that trim on that chair- gorgeous!  Trim is not a fancy enough word for this one- will have to go with it's fancy name- Passimenterie!  In the biz that's it's technical name.  It really does make this chair!

Does anyone remember gingham tacmac- well that's what we used to call it.  I think it was also called shelf paper.  Either way, it harkens back to another time!



I have loved this dining room for years.  I wonder how gray would look in my dining room............


My country cottage bedroom would have to look somethig like this I think!!  Such a lovely combo of fabrics!


I remember this room from many years ago.  I still love it today.  There are so many elements in this room I love-- the rug, the valance, the chairs..........

I so wish I could get another shot of this kitchen. You just get a tease of the ceiling- pretty amazing though.

These last 3 pics are of  the Hastens bed.  If you have quite a few thousand dollars to get rid of then this may be the bed for you.  It is gorgeous and it is expensive.

This pic has always been one of my favourite entryways.  It reminds me of my own- SMALL.  Sometimes we are not blessed to have a large foyer,  so we have to make do with what we have got.  I love the built in cabinetry in this area- beautiful and functional-just the way I like it!

Why do gingham floors Rock??  I love them.  They are an inexpensive solution with a lot of impact.  I have been thinking of painting the floors in my office.....  Gingham perhaps.........

Well that's the 2nd part of our gingham journey.  I hope you enjoyed of the images.
Have a great day everyone.

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