Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I was over looking at Lonny today.  It is nice to see them posting again.  They always find some really funky and fun stuff to showcase.  But there is one particular picture that got me thinking.  Hmmmmm......

Lonny April 2012

Do you see it?  Can you see what is bugging me with this pic??
Well let me discuss!  When I saw this particular spread on this particular house I will admit my first thought it is soooo lovely.  Who doesn't love pretty pictures.  Lets face it- Pretty Sells!!  But then I got to looking closer at this particular pic.  Now I know they are creating a Vignette.  Or are they??  It makes me think a few things here.
1- These people obviously don't cook in anyway!  That shelf above the stove like that- so not to code!!  I know, I know.... maybe it's an older home and it has the fan in the ceiling- maybe.......... but still a shelf that wide over a stove like that???
2- Again, these people obviously don't cook in anyway!  Why?  Those Mirrors!!  Can you imagine cleaning them after frying up some bacon??  I know, I know.....  a lot of people eat out.  It seems to be more and more prevalent these days.  Perhaps they should have laid some takeout menus on the counter for effect!
3-Once again, these people obviously don't cook in anyway!!  That lamp with it's linen shade!!  There is NO way it should be anywhere near that stove- again can you imagine trying to clean it after a good fry up??
4- I'm not sure about you, but I just love to hang my haberdashery (hat) above a stove!  Come on!!!

Anyways- what is my point in all of this?  Well.....  I do indeed think it is a very pretty picture- but that is all it is.  A lot of show without any real substance.  I love pretty interiors like the next guy, but when I see stuff like this it just makes me noodles.  I know someone went to a lot of trouble to style the vignette a certain way, but a hat above a stove- come on!!!
With so few Shelter mags/online publications these days I just want a little more substance is all- even with the Vignettes!!  I mean in design school the Mantra is- FUNCTION 1ST!!!  And it is a good one to live by.
I am sure I will catch heck for this.  But then again this is my blog, my opinion after all.  So what do you think about the above pic??
Have a great day everyone

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