Thursday, March 29, 2012


I wanted to show you the Velvet that I have in my home.  Currently the Velvet I have is only a few pillows- but it is a start!  I also have some Velvet in my stash.
Sometimes the stars align and you get something for next to nothing.  I was able to purchase a bunch of remnants of fabric that was regular $109.00/yd!!  I payed around $5.00-$7.00 per piece.  That is a heck of a savings my friends.  And some pieces I have, I will be able to get at least 2 pillows out of.

Anyways-here is some in my stash:

The green one is soo gorgeous.  I didn't need it at the time but I just had to get it.  It is so vibrant.  And it was only $5.00 for a piece large enough to make 2- 20" pillows!

Here are some Velvet Pillows that I have in my living room.

The Velvet is made of Cotton.  It is soooo soft.  And, I have to say they have held up really well.  When people come over to hang out they get sat upon, sat against and thrown on the floor and they look just as good as when I made them over a year ago.

When I make pillows, especially ones that are Velvet I use an invisible zipper.  It just makes them look more professional.  I think it is easier to put an invisible zipper in than a regular one, buts that just me!!
Just remember that Velvet can be a bit of a pain in the tuchas to sew with.  It can tend to move on you when you sew with it.  It requires patience and a lot of pins.  It also helps if you place the two pieces that are being sewn together with the nap running in the same direction.  Not only does this make the pillow look better, it makes it easier to sew.  The fabric will tend to hold together better as opposed to slipping.  Velvet likes to "walk" when you sew it.  If you have ever sewn Velvet you know exactly what I mean.  The two pieces of fabric start to slip and go away from each other instead of staying together- makes life interesting for sure!!

Anyways- just wanted to show you my Velvet pillows.
Have a great day everyone


  1. Hi Megan,
    Have you tried to do a piped velvet cushion and with an invisible zip, is this possible, do you have a special foot that you use?


    1. Hi Mandy- yes I have. When doing the piping make sure that you cut the fabric on the bias(diagonal). That way it will have enough ease(stretch) around the corners. Wrap the piping with the velvet-but not so tightly that you won't have enough stitching area to attach to the cushion.When attaching the piping to the cushion fabric you will have to baste it in place first-use a regular zipper foot for this. It is important to do this so that the piping stays in place. When inserting the invisible zipper you will have to use a special foot for this- it can be purchased at any good fabric/sewing store- It is an invisible zipper foot. When sewing something like this it is super important to take your time. The velvet likes to slip when it is against itself so it tends to "walk". The use of many pins/basting helps with this. There are many videos via Youtube you can watch to help with this as well as sewing this kind of pillow. Basically you will cut out your fabric. Wrap your piping in velvet. Baste the velvet piping onto the cushion squares. Now each piece has piping attached. You then insert the invisible zipper into the one end with special invisible foot. Then you sew the 2 cushion squares together, you will be sewing the other 3 sides together. Make sure that when you do, you leave the zipper apart a bit so that you can then open it completely after you have sewn the cushion together so that you can turn it inside out. I have forgotten to do this occasionally and have had difficulty getting the zipper open to flip the cushion. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Megan,
      Many thanks for your reply, it all sounds do-able, but am concerned about the amount of fabric thickness, piping will be two thicknesses, then the velvet for the cushion, this well be 3 layers, but will have a go,