Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I know that it has been said time and again- but paint really is one of the cheapest ways to change things up a wee bit!  You really do get a lot of bang for your buck.  I suppose that at different times we all have favourite paint colours.  So I thought that I would share some of my favourites with you all.

Now whites can be tricky.  They will have an undertone to them making them warm or cool.  Something like B/M Cloud White CC-40 has an orange/red/creamy undertone to it While  B/M Cotton Balls OC-122 has a yellow undertone. Both have a different undertone but both are warm.  Something like B/M Intense White OC-51 has a gray undertone to it while B/M Gray Owl OC-54 has a blue undertone to it(my deck) and both seem cool. However, Gray Owl 2137-60 definately has a gray/green undertone to it-which is it B/M??   Are they the same colour???  Wonder??  This is why you should always do a test swatch to see that the colour in that can is what you want!!  Paint Chips can be deceiving!!   When you compare whites with other whites it really helps in seeing the undertone.  It all depends on what you are comparing them too.

I will be breaking down my favourite colours into different postings for easier viewing otherwise it may turn into the biggest posting of all time!!  This one alone is really long- so sit back and enjoy!


POCKET WATCH WHITE  RALPH LAUREN :  This White has to be my all time favourite:

This is a hallway designed by Jonathan Adler.  The white used here is so clean.  That is what I love about Pocket Watch White.  It is clean but not cold.  It has a slight warmth to it.  To me it is the perfect white!

This is such a great example on why it is a great white.  This white looks great with blue- very nautical.  All cabinetry was sprayed with High Gloss Pocket Watch White.  A great tip here is that the designer used  11 coats of sealant on the Marble Counter tops!!  That's one way of protecting it!!
Pocket Watch White is the kind of white that reads as white but isn't too stark.
I have used this white throughout my home on the trim work.


Again, this is one of those whites that isn't too cold or too warm.  I love pairing this white with colours that tend to have a green undertone to it.  It especially looks great with Camouflage 2143-40 B/M. 

It looks so fresh in this room.  That is what is so great about this white- it is warm but still reads as a clean white.

This is such a great example why Simply White is great with Green's or paint that has a green undertone to it.  This paint colour in the above pic is B/M Providence Olive HC-98.  I love this white for trim.

You see will time and again that Designer Darryl Carter uses this awesome white- whether for trim or for walls.  It is such a great white for both.

Again Simply White looks gorgoeous!  Not too creamy, not stark- just right!

WHITE DOVE OC-17 B/M:  It is one of those whites that again go with so many things:

White Dove is such a great white for cabinetry.  It isn't too stark yet it isn't yellow.  It still has a warmth to it.  Try holding up White Dove to Chantilly Lace OC-65, you will see how stark Chantilly is in comparison.  I would have to say that White Dove is the kind of white that if you made the whitest Latte,White Dove is what you would get.

Just look at the amazing pics of the kitchen of  For the Love of a House blog.   The pics can be seen below.  Her kitchen is one of my all time favourites.  It is so welcoming.  It uses all of my favourite things!  I could just move in there.  Although I think my family and hers would have something to say about that!!
All the trim is White Dove, as is the ceiling and cabinetry. The wall colour is Gray Owl OC-54.  It is the softest gray with a blue undertone to it.  Enjoy the pics from her amazing kitchen:

DECORATORS WHITE  CC-20 B/M:  This is one of those whites that should be used in a modern setting.  It is the kind of white that is very white- quite stark really.  But it also looks great with Bianca Cararra Marble- especially in a bathroom.  It looks awesome in that kind of setting.


In the pics below the designer used Decorators White throughout and it looks awesome!!

Decorators White in this instance helps to bridge the meshing of modern and traditional in these spaces.  The designer used Super White as the trim.  I just love the white in this space.  Normally I am drawn to spaces that use a much warmer white but in this instance I love it!

Normally I wouldn't use Decorators White on a furniture piece myself, however, in this case it looks amazing.  It really helps to showcase the collectibles.

Hold Decorators White up against White Dove and you will see how stark it is.  Sometimes a stark white is warranted. Take my bathroom for instance.  Even though I have Pocket Watch White throughout my house, I had to put Decorators White in  my bathroom so that it would go better with the subway tiles that I have in there

Here is a pic of my trim in the bathroom with the subway tile and Decorators White;

Sorry it's not the best but it is quite tight in there.  I will try to get a better shot.  But you can see that the tile and the trim colour go quite well together.  It is OK to use different trim colours in your home.  The Pocket Watch White I used everywhere else is just too creamy against the stark white of my subway tiles.  So I used Decorators White and it looks great.

This is a close up of the wall colour- I can't even tell you what it is since I custom mixed it myself with a little of this and a little of that.  It looks much bluer in the photo than in real life.  It looks greenier in person.  The closest colour match I can give is:  Norwegian Blue 30BG 31/084 ICI.

Norwegian Blue
It is a pretty good match.  It is a slightly greeny blue.  Or if you like a bluey green!!


Chantilly Lace looks great in this modern setting.  It is a clean white- that is why is looks so great in this setting.  For the most part I would suggest clean, bluer, grayer whites for a modern setting.  So Chantilly Lace fits the bill here with it's bluer undertone to it.  It also makes it a great candidate to use with Bianca Carrera.

Chantilly Lace has been used on the Wainscoting and is an excellent choice.  It looks great with the marble.

The colours used in this Bedroom are B/M Stonington Gray HC-170 with Chantilly Lace for the trim- it looks awesome together- love it!!!

Trim is Chantilly Lace


The colour of the door is B/M Boca Raton and the trim is Oxford White.  They look awesome together.

The white in here looks so soft and pretty!

Ian McLeod and Kerry Johnson have used Oxford White extensively throughout their careers.  They are one of my favourite Canadian designers.  Here they have used it in their home.


This is a very creamy white.  I say it is creamy like B/M's Cloud White is creamy. 

How gorgeous is this bed?  The frame is painted Pointing.

This lovely bathroom was designed by Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen fame.  This has to be one of my all time favourite bathrooms.  The walls are Slipper Satin F/B, and the Cabinetry is Pointing.  Isn't it gorgeous??

Again, Brooke and her husband Steve have done an amazing job.  This kitchen is stunning!  The cabinetry is in Pointing.  In the last 2 pics you can really see how creamy Pointing truly is.  When you compare it to other colours it truly reads as creamy.  Farrow and Ball states that Pointing has a red undertone to it!

Here is another shot of the same amazing kitchen.  All I can say is WOW!!!

Here Pointing has been used as the trim colour in this gorgeous bath.  The Wallpaper- St. Antoine is by Farrow and Ball as well.

SEED PEARL 27-32 P/L: 

Seed Pearl is on of those whites that has a nice brightness to it without being too stark.

The designer stated that she used Seed Pearl throughout so that everything else would stand out.

This lovely Kitchen is by Canadian Designer Sarah Richardson.  She used Seed Pearl on the Walls, Malta on the ceiling and Arrowroot on the Cabinets all by Pratt and Lambert.

Again Sarah used Seed Pearl.  Here she used it on the upper part of the walls with January Frost on the lower.  It is such a lovely bedroom.

Seed Pearl was used on the walls in this bathroom.

Seed Pearl was used on the trim in this room.

This is a white that is warm.  It is a white that reads as creamy.

Natural White has been used on the trim in this room and is paired with Sensual by ICI.

 Again Natural White has been used on the trim.  The wall colour is Meeting House ICI (another favourite paint colour of mine).

Here the trim is Natural White.  The walls are Steeplechase, ICI. Isn't this bathroom so ethereal??


Cabinets are Silver Lining.  This is a colour that I have used many times.  It is slightly darker than Seed Pearl and it has a yellow undertone to it.

Sarah used Silver Lining as the Trim colour in both the Kitchen and Dining Room

Here Silver Lining was used as the Wall Colour.  This is such a pretty room.

You are probably wondering, "But where is Cloud White CC-40 by B/M??"  Well..... to be quite honest it's not one of my favourites!  I know-sacrilege!!  But I personally think it has been over used and over blown.  Don't get me wrong- all whites have their place.  But for me Cloud White isn't one of my favourites!!  It can -at least for me, be too creamy for trim.  I think it is a great colour for cabinetry however!!  I know I'll probably take some flack- but just my opinion.

Well I think that is all for my favourite Whites- quite a posting!  I could probably put down more whites if I thought about it.  Plus, there are some colours that are "white" but I think of them as a "colour".  I will be discussing them at another time.

So what's your favourite white??

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Thank you for all the comparison photos! I know I need to do paint swatches, but this gave me a great start :)

  2. Best article on the 'net about choosing the right white! Thank you so much.

  3. This is a great post! Whites are so confusing, thanks for helping to sort through them.

  4. Thanks for this informative post. Very helpful.

  5. I agree.. great post.. and seeing more than one photo of each white helps give a better sense of the color nuance.

  6. This is the most helpful blog on whites that I've found! I'm painting my kitchen cabinets and trim white dove. I have an island that is an espresso colour and the countertops are going to be white quartz. the flours are a white/beige marble and the backsplash is clear/white glass morroccan shaped tiles. I'm trying to find the right wall colour to go with this that isn't going to contrast too much with the cabinets. Likely a beige/brown undertone that doesn't make the room look too yellow. Any thoughts?

    1. Well Kanna.... from what you have said you are trying to go with a very serene palette. I would imagine that you may want to try....Benjamin Moore- Seapearl OC-19 or Winds Breath OC-24? These will give the slightest contrast to your cabinets. You may also want to try BM- Gray Mist CC-80. Although I have given a few to think over the lightest of them all is the Seapearl. You may want to start there. Some others to consider: Sherwin Williams SW7035 Aesthetic White., or Shoji White SW7042-these two are slghtly darker than White Dove and go really nicely with it. Remember to do some testers, look at the colours at different times of the day. And also pay really close attention to the undertones. I hope this gives a starting point Good luck and let me know how it works out.

  7. Hi Megan- this is really great information! I am trying to solve a problem: I have Farrow & Ball Shaded White on my cabinets and trim, but it is a north facing room with strong reflection of the trees/bushes, so the kitchen "feels" more green and darker than i'd hoped. i want to paint the trim/chair-rail a brighter, clearer white to brighten it up, and play down the green cast. Do you have any ideas of which white, or which undertone, i should think about? thank you so much -- terry

    1. Hi Terry- I am trying to figure out your question so that I can answer it correctly. Can you email me directly at my email so that I can properly answer your question- megan@delormedesigns.ca.

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  11. Hello, and thank you for the research that was clearly put forth. I am planning
    on painting kitchen cabinets dark gray and need a "chalky white" for the walls.
    Any ideas or suggestions, I was considering pointing and came upon your blog...

  12. Hi! How does BM WHite Dove walls look with BM Decorators White Doors and Trim????

  13. pocket watch white is my all time favorite as well but seems to be discontinued. what do you suggest as an alternate?

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