Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Since gray is such a hot colour I thought that I would highlight Farrow and Ball's Pigeon:

I always love to see how paint companies will present in a unique way their paint colours- I think Farrow and Ball did a great job with this one!

How amazing is this room?  It is so on trend- if trend is your thing!!  I think it is such a lovely room!!

Great little project!  You could easily buy a tester or two and Voila!!  Testers are great for little projects because... a) they don't cost a lot and b) not a lot of waste!

The thing I love about English Design is how lovely and livable it is.  You will see a lot of the word "Bespoke" when used in reference to  English design.  Besoke essentially means in this instance: to be custom or tailored made- it is hand made.  I think it is such a quaint and lovely term.  It really is from another time.

I love this room.  It feels very livable and very now without being too trendy.

Pigeon is such a great colour for cabinetry or furniture.  It is neutral, yet has something to it.  I just think pieces painted with it look so good!

Pigeon, as well as many other grays look so great with gold accents.  Gold accents are very hot right now.  So if you want to be on trend, then pair gray with gold.

Gray with wood and gold accents is very on trend. But that being said, it also would look great for sometime to come.  Sometimes Trends just mirror what looks good always!

Pigeon and Gold, Pigeon and Gold..............  isn't that a song- :)  Oh that's Silver and Gold- but same thing really!!

Talk about Bespoke- how lovely is this English Bathroom.  Pigeon or any gray for that matter looks awesome on beadboard.

You can't get more English than this one.  The gray is gorgeous here and picks up on the gray in the stonework- Absolute perfection!!

In the same house as the stonework from above, The Newel Post has been painted Pigeon.  It is such a nice touch in an otherwise white area!

These two pics are of the same bedroom and show how lovely Pigeon is in a bedroom.  To me it is a timeless look.  One that someone could live with for quite some time.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip with "Pigeon".  I think I may have to get a tester and give it a go by painting a shelf.
Have a great day everyone.

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  1. What a great post! Thank you so much for crediting Modern Country Style!

    I completely adore Pigeon - in fact, I'm thinking of painting our living room in this colour too!

    How did you get on with the tester?