Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hey Everyone!  As you know I am more of a traditional kinda girl, however, I came across this amazing modern home that I just had to share.  It is designed by Capoferro.  I really love it- I MEAN REALLY LOVE IT!!  Maybe it's the elegant simplicity of the design, the use of the wood or that it's just so freakin' amazing!!!


This is such a great example of thinking out of the box!  Using hardwood flooring on the ceiling- looks fabulous least I think that's hardwood flooring.

Although this isn't a "working" fireplace it certainly conveys the feeling of one.  This is a great example of doing a faux fireplace that really looks as if it could work.

The staircase- I sigh!!

I truly adore that Palazzo Pendant.  This great pendant would look fabulous over an island as well!

How amazing is this Interior???  I truly love the use of wood throughout.  However it is balanced by a lot of white so that it doesn't feel heavy or opressive.  And who doesn't love a great Eileen Gray table or an Eames chair??  And to top it off they are Canadian!!
If you want to achieve a similar look with regards to the furnishings then head over to DWR.
You can click on the following to links:
Eames Chair 1
Eames Chair 2
Wassily Chair
Eileen Gray Table
Palazzo Pendant

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey Everyone!  Is it wrong that as a Mum I can turn going to a Bonspiel into a shopping trip for yarn??  This past weekend we had to attend a Bonspiel- that is a curling tournament for you non-curlers.  My eldest's team was playing in Ayr, On.  It is a lovely little town just outside of another small town- Paris, On.
For years now I kind of poo-pooed Mary Maxim Yarn.  Why you ask... well that's because I only have ever seen their catalogues and their website.  I have never had an interest in plastic canvas crafts or for rug-hooking. They indeed have yarn, but I must say that their website is not the best--- are you listening Mary Maxim??  I have always wanted to make the 40 min. trip just to see what they had.  Well since we were there anyways-I thought-what the heck.  The only reason I actually went was because I was literally at the lights to go back to the Bonspiel and there was the sign.  I took it as a "sign" and decided to make a very quick trip to see what all the fuss was about.
When you first go in there is indeed lots of craft supplies.  Many of which that does NOT interest me.  But they do indeed have many supplies for a many number of crafts including quilting.  However, upon looking at the back of the store I became intrigued.  They have WAY MORE yarn at the store than on the website.  I was expecting a lot of scratchy Acrylic but was very pleasantly surprised to see Regia, Sirdar, Patons , plus many, many others.
Did I buy anything- you betcha!!  I was exceedingly restrained.  Having my husband and youngest son in the car waiting was incentive enough to cause much restraint on my part.  I did however purchase some yarn to make a lacey scarf. That yarn I purchased was Shimmer by Mary Maxim:

Forgive the cheesy picture- that was on THEIR website.  It really does NOT do the yarn any justice at all.  Yes the yarn has sequins but they do NOT sparkle like that.  I knew when I saw the yarn that I wanted to do a scarf that was simple yet lacy   I did come up with something and I am about just under 1/2 way done- just started Sat. night.  It will be a quick and easy knit.
It is such a lovely yarn to knit with.  You do not feel the sequins on the yarn at all.  It isn't caked in them or anything but does add a nice little shimmer to the yarn.  It is such a lovely combo of colours as well.  The colourway I chose was Starlight.  It is so pretty.  The yarn itself is a DK weight- however, I am using a 4.5mm needle just to add to the openness I wanted to achieve.  I am so pleased with the outcome so far.  It shouldn't take me too long to knit and to write up.  I love this yarn. It has just the right amount of sequins, colour shifting and fuzziness.  And I got it on sale for $3.97/ball.  What a bargain for this yarn.  I want to go back/or online and scoop up some more.  This would make a great shawl.  It would knit up quick and look fab- in fact I think that my Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0 would look awesome in this yarn.  Hmmmm.........I may have to think on that one!!
I will get pics of the scarf I am working on ASAP.

For those of you out there that are crazy knitters such as myself, you would completely understand my little side trip.  One should NEVER give up an opportunity to shop for yarn!!  To do so would be unforgivable!

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hey Everyone....For the past couple of weeks I have done a couple of postings on Fireplaces and Windows..see here and here.  I suppose you can tell by those postings that I really am NOT a fan of Fireplaces and windows all on the same wall.  However, like many things in life there are exceptions to the rule.  The room below is that exception:

This room for me is perfection!!  They got it so right!  Forget soaring 20 ft ceilings.  Look at that coffering.  LOVE IT!!  And I love those French Doors with the transoms.  Could they have had the fireplace on the wall instead of that birdcage?  Yes I suppose so.... but the fireplace looks so amazing flanked by those doors.  Why do you ask does it work here and not for the posting I previously spoke of.  I suppose that what makes this room perfection is everything is in proportion.  In the previous posting they had a too small fireplace being overwhelmed by the stone work and the windows.  The wainscoting in this room is the right height.  The fireplace isn't too small on that wall between the doors.  The sofas, the rug....I could go on and on.  The only issue- and it isn't one for me, is the lack of drapery flanking the windows.  It works so well in this instance. What about privacy you say?  Perhaps the owners have no issue.  What about sound reduction without draperies?   That is the one thing about having drapes, they really do dampen sound.  But if you look you will see that sound in this room is not and issue- why?  The large furnishings, the rug, the grass cloth wallpaper and the coffering.
This is how you do a Fireplace and Windows/Doors everyone- Perfection.

Here is a closeup of the fireplace;

I love this fireplace.  I love how they left it natural-not painted.  It is just stunning and the painting is so lovely.

There you have it everyone.  The exception to the rule- well at least in my books anyways.....
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hey Everyone.... I hope all is well?  I got an email over the weekend from the Gap since I am on their mailing list....It was their top 6 picks for Spring.  My first thought on seeing this email was....OK, lets see what they have...... In the past I have been a big fan of The Gap.  I will say that in years past they caught my shopping eye way more than they do now.  In the recent past do you think I could find a blouse without ruffles down the front? (that being said if you look online now- not a ruffle in site-YEA!!) I find that many of  their shirts this past little while had NO shape whatsoever so that I had to buy a XS or S to fit me properly....And in NO way am I an XS!  They tended to hang off my frame or not hang properly due to having breasts- I end up looking like a can with legs!!  D Cup +Rectangluar, Boxy shirt= Not a good look AT ALL.
Now let me say that I do troll the Clearance rack about once a week or never knows what they will find!  I am one of those people that will not (on principle) buy full price if I don't have too.
Now, back to the 6!

Here is what I got in the email:

This first one is a winner in my books.  One cannot go wrong with a great fitting shirt.  And to top it off, it is gingham.  I LOVES me some Gingham.  The only issue with this one is the shorts.  Maybe one has to be 19 in order to pull this one off- maybe?  Put these on me and......Whoa!  I am not a large girl by any means...however......Oy!
I think this print would have looked awesome on a little skirt   One that wasn't too short.  That way, more of the population would be able to take advantage of such a fun print. If it were a skirt I may have even considered it.  Since they are shorts...well..... I think I will pass.

Number 2!  I think this one is long as...and I stress this.....that people buy the right size.  I do not care what size it says on the tag- buy the size that fits your body.  I myself find that for skinny jeans that I sometimes have to go up a size just for it to fit properly...and I am OK with that since the most important thing is that they fit great- who cares what size is on the label.  One of the main problems with this style is how low they tend to sit.  Now I am NOT one of those Mom's that likes them hiked up under ones breasts.....however...having a muffin top roll over a super low waistband isn't great either.    Find ones that fit you in the right place and you will be as good as gold.  Even curvy girls can wear skinny jeans if they find that right fit.
My only other issue is the colours this season.  I am not a pastelly kinda girl.  I like full on colour myself.  They are very pretty...I just think I don't have much in my wardrobe that would go with these pastel colours.

I really love these Dotty Skinny Jeans- I will have to try a pair on and see if I am less than horrified with what I see.  They really do look amazing on the model though- and with those heels-super cute!!!

 Number 3!  Ahhhhh the Maxi Dress.  I am sure I am going to get some flack about what I am going to say...."Enough already".  "Aren't we done with this one yet"?   "Isn't this trend over and done with yet"??  I don't know many people that look really good in this style of dress. I know, I know... I am sure that it is uber comfy to wear.  Most of the time when I see woman wear this dress,  they drag on the ground and they give no shape whatsoever.  I think the only person who would look halfway decent in this style is Giselle Bundchen!!  And maybe not even her!  Maybe it's my own built in bias.  I am just about 5'4" and I am sure that I am no longer even that!!  Have you ever tried on one of these dresses??  Well let me say that unless you are 5'9" it drags on the ground.   Yes one can get it hemmed or even buy a petite.  However, whenever I have tried this one on I feel like a sack of potatoes in it.  I guess maybe it's my height or something!  And as for the petite sizes- I am not a true petite so the proportions are way off for me.  I just can't wrap my head around this style of dress.  I have a friend that owns one in a lovely print...she wears it with a jean jacket...and I must say she looks pretty good in it.  But here's the rub..... she's 5'9"!!!  Again with the height!  I guess I will have to let this one pass...... for me.

I really love a wrap dress- It is very flattering on everyone- skinny, short, curvy or tall.  Try to envision it with out that necklace or those shoes- REALLY???  That's how you want to accessorize this dress? OY!!

This Eyelet dress is soooo cute.  Might have to try this one on myself. My only concern would be the length. I feel that it could benefit from being about 2-3" longer.  I am by no means a prude or anything I just think that for most of us the length as it is shown is not flattering.  I wish I could wear this length...but my size and of course my age.....well... a little longer would be nicer.

Number 4!  They almost got this one right for me.  I always love a great blazer.  There is just something about popping one of these on and a great scarf that makes one feel put together.  I really love the pop of colour on the under colour and at the cuff area.  HOWEVER.... I am sure you know what I will say about this one..... Horizontal stripes??? REALLY??    Maybe it's because I am not 18 anymore??  I don't know anyone except someone who is super skinny that can get away with this one.  I can imagine how horrible I would look in this. But that being said,   I get it!  They are trying something a little different. But really?  Horizontal stripes on a blazer??   Check out the page on the website- even the model doesn't looked that thrilled to be wearing it!!  When I wear a blazer I am trying to emphasize my curves and emphasize my waist.  Wear those stripes and forget it.  I know I am not uber young anymore, but really???

This one is way cuter.  Great detailing.  It has Spandex for a really great fit.  And I LOVE the contrast piping- that is how you do a cute blazer my friends.

Number 5.  For the most part this one is OKish.  However... There are few concerns I have for this one.  For most people this dress will be an issue.  This dress has to hit you perfectly at YOUR waist for you to be able to pull this one off.  I myself am short waisted, so the dress would tend to "pouf" just above my waist-not to mention that it is a drawstring waist- you have to be careful about how it is pulled and tied-again causing a "pouf" effect at the waist-sometimes not the most flattering of looks.  Secondly, there is no way that one would be able to wear this belt with this dress!  Have you ever tried to wear a belt with a drawstring...come on!  Ok maybe on second thought this one is NOT OK with me.    Lastly....I think that the length for most would be an issue.  Hitting one at the thickest point of ones thigh- not always a good look.  The dress could do to be 2-3" longer-just my humble opinion.  Looks really cute on the  model...however, in real life this would look ridiculous on my frame...again I think I will pass.

This little lovely is one that they seem to always get right.  Can't say enough about this style of Cardi.  You can wear it in a number of seasons.  Dress it up, dress it down.  Mix colours.....It is such a great piece to have in ones wardrobe.  This one is a 10+ for me.

So there you have it.  I suppose that some adverts do work  They bring you to a website and you check things out.  I was just curious as to their "6".  Like I said.... Gap recently doesn't always get it right for me.  Maybe it's my age- early 40's.  But I don't think so.  I think of myself as someone who is fairly young at heart- in fact I still think of myself as 18 in my head!  I just think sometimes when I am in the Gap..."even if I were 18 would I wear this"? And most of the time it is a resounding NO.  I do think they are better than they have been in recent years past..... Will I still shop there?- Yes.  Will I be happy with all they have to offer- No.  But I think you can't please everyone with have to offer things to a wide range of people.  And as long as they offer great fitting jeans (on the clearance rack of course) and great little Cardi's I will still shop there.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey Everyone.....  Just a quick posting today.....Here is a pic of my kitchen that isn't quite done.  It hasn't been quite done for awhile now.  I think I am going to have to get the whip out and use it on the Hubs and myself.  I am tired of looking at the things that need to get finished in the Kitchen. In the main pic I provided the walls are not what they are now.  In the vignette you can see what the colour currently is.  The colour is  Valspars-Morning Jog:

This is a little shot I had laying around- just gives a little glimpse as to the colour on the walls.

So as soon as everything is finished I will post a new pic.  This is what it looked like before I painted last year and before we did the panelling in the Dining Room:

As you can see... we have to finish up the crown, the kick plate, the baseboard........Sigh.....
But what I really wanted to talk about was that pendant light over the island.  I bought it years ago here in Burlington at a Store that no longer exists....  But instead of buying a new one I thought we could spray paint it a la Barn Light Electric:

I know it is a different style- but oh that colour!!  I bought a can of Cherry Red Valspar some time back and spray pained my lanterns.  They turned out fabulous .........

So I think we may have to do the same with the pendant- will have to think on it but I wanted to share my thoughts...........

Have a great day everyone

P.S.  In case anyone was wondering.....the granite is Napolean.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hey Everyone.  Hope all is well?  The other day I posted on a house for sale right here in Burlington with an odd fireplace.  Well I have another fireplace today.  As you can see in the pics below the Architects/Builders have tried to build a lovely Family Room with some Grandeur.  However...and I mean HOWEVER..... a room like this is VERY hard to live/decorate with.  Let me tell you why so that if you are in the market for a home with a Family Room like this then you will be able to make an informed decision.

I really wish Builders would stop building this sort of room.  I get it...they are trying to make a not so big room- Grand.  Don't get me wrong I would be happy to have a Family Room this size myself- minus the soaring ceilings.
On first glance one thinks- Wow all that height, those amazing.  Well....not so much. Here's why:

In the above pics one can get a sense of the scale of this room.  A lot of times they end up feeling taller than they are "round" or big as it were(which may or may not be in this case).  You end up feeling like you are in a tall box.  Which if you are OK with that, then fine- just mentioning it is all.
If you see the 2 above pics one can see how the owners have been left with quite a few decorating dilemma's  to deal with.
The first being that huge fireplace between the sets of windows.  I think you all may know by now how much of a HATE ON I have for this type of fireplace.  Meaning I can't stand a fireplace between windows. This one itself has way too much going on....the fireplace, the windows, the TV, the plaster is way too much.  Obviously not too much for the owners but I think that for the majority of people it would be overkill.  Secondly, Have you ever tried to decorate around this style of window- NIGHTMARE!!  Your options are limited due to the size, the placement and the actual fireplace itself. All you can really do is have blinds.  Yes you could have side panels in the corner but a large portion of the side windows would be blocked so what's the point of having those side windows??- more on those in a minute. Third, have you ever tried to watch a TV while staring at bright windows.  Can you say EYE STRAIN??  And, I am one of those people that is NOT a fan of having TVs above a fireplace.  From an Ergonomic stand point it is a huge NO, NO.  The TV is way too high to watch comfortably- neck strain.  You ask most people who have done this and they will agree with me.  Also, if you use your fireplace, the heat from it can be an issue for the TV.  Not to mention if you have a wood burning fireplace it can be bad for the TV due to the Smoke and Creosote.
Now to those side windows......  I myself would have NOT had them at all.  Why you ask?  Well...... They really chop the walls that they are on.  See the above pic and the one below.  Do you see how difficult it would be to put anything on those walls?  The Side Windows cause a huge visual imbalance to me.  That being said... having walls that tall makes it challenging to put anything on them.  Put something too small and it looks puny and ridiculous. Put something too big and it is completely overwhelming.  Personally I would have not put those windows on the sides, move the fireplace to one of the side walls and had all windows across the back.  In addition by making the top windows at the side "palladian" it makes it impossible to have drapes without blocking out the fact that you indeed have a "palladian window".  Having all those windows does indeed provide tons of light, however, getting rid of those side ones in the first place would not have changed that and made it much easier to decorate- even with stacked windows.  Stacked windows are a pain but much less painful than the way they are now.

The last point I want to make and it is a HUGE one..... Having all that height with all those hard surfaces- walls, hardwood, the lack of drapes, and the open area at the top(the railing and landing area) make for a VERY NOISY family room.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from friends and clients how they wished they did not have a vaulted space.  The amount of noise that bounces around or carries upstairs is incredible- I cannot stress this enough.   I think a way more effective way of designing would be to have 9 or 10 foot ceilings that is coffered.  Way more visually interesting than a tall vaulted ceiling.  Not only is a coffered ceiling beautiful to look at but now you will have cut down on the noise AND.... you don't have lost heating or cooling in that vaulted space.  Do you know how hard it is to regulate temps in a space that is vaulted like this??  All those windows make for in the winter great loss of heat or in the summer a great source of heat.

So there you have advise on a window wall with a fireplace.  The whole point of this is NOT to insult the lovely people in this home (that is so not me), but to inform you all out there the pitfalls with having a space like this.  I am sure that there are those of you out there that LOVE your vaulted space- well that's great.  However, I think there are a lot more of you out there that are giving second thought to that vaulted space you purchased or hopefully will give a second thought now with the info I have provided.
Just one more little detail you may want to look into..... if you do have this style or are planning this style of space ........please.....please.....paint or colour match your Vents on the walls the same colour as the wall.  Every time I look at spaces like this the first thing my eye goes to are those vents- when they are white (when not on a white wall) they stick out like a sore thumb....just sayin'.
On a side note the kitchen is quite lovely.  I am a huge fan of that style of hood.  There is just something about the lines I have always loved. And what a lovely big island.  It is such a great social space to be in.  I really do love a kitchen open to the Family room.

Well that's it for now... hope I have given some food for thought.
Have an awesome day everyone.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hey Everyone.   Just a very quick posting today.  I have seen some strange things in my day but this may be one of the strangest.  It falls in the category of "what were they thinking??"

Now let me start of by saying that the rest of the house is quite lovely- a little updating here and there but overall it is a lovely house.....however......  I have never in all my years seen this.......  A window seat in a bathroom.
Now one would ask......What is the purpose?  Is there going to be a party in there?  Maybe the seat is hiding ventilation or some other works??? Maybe?? I know that sometimes you have to be creative when dealing with odd spaces,  however, this really was very strange to me.  I would think that I would have to come up with something else.  One possibility would be some sort of storage unit-maybe?  Other than that I am kinda stumped??  Any ideas out there??  I know that it is probably just for show, but really???  A window seat??

Wonders never cease.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Hey Everyone.... Hope all is well in your Universe!!  I came across this great Kitchen.  Visually it is so fun and modern, yet it has a bit of a Vintage vibe to it.  For those of thinking of doing an inexpensive reno like this one I just wanted to point out a few things to help you out.

For those of you on a tight budget doing something like this is such a great choice.
1. Open shelves is such a great way to not only save money on cabinetry but it is a great way to display your wares.  But I have to caution you it is NOT for everyone.    There is a little more up keep with this look for a couple of reasons.
If your home tends to be a little more dustier than others then this may not be for you. You may have to be wiping down those shelves quite a bit. In addition if you are fastidious or are slightly OCD on organizing then this one may work for you as you can organize and pretty up those shelves to your hearts content.  If you aren't, then that great display you first put out is now a hot mess because you don't stack neatly.  Just a thought.

2. If your cabinets are in descent shape you can rip out the uppers, tile the wall and add those shelves.  Keep the lowers and paint them yourselves or have them professional painted.  Way cheaper than buying new cabinets. Great shelves like these can be purchased at Ikea for very little money.

3.  If your cabinets are not in great shape or you do not like the style, then buying used cabinetry may be your next way to go.  The Habitat for Humanity Store is such a great place to find such cabinetry.  And who cares what type of finish they are- you are going to paint them anyways.

4.  Don't be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to lighting.  Go to the Industrial Section, use outdoor lighting, or use a colour.  The great lights they have used over the stove are fantastic.  You can also get a similar look at The Barn Electric Company.

A similar pendant as the one shown in the pic

4.  I know I mentioned tile above but I wanted to stress that doing this in a kitchen does not have to break the bank;  Even with tiling a large area.  White Subway tiles are a classic.  You do not have to buy the luxury, high end ones to achieve this look.  I have seen them in Home Depot for $.45 each.  But I have also seen them in closeout sales at tiles stores in the clearance department or at Habitat for Humanity for even less.  Do a little leg work it so worth it.

.  5. And this is the reason I am mentioning this particular picture..... please, please,PLEASE have the proper fan/ventilation.  The above pic is so NOT the way to ventilate when cooking.  It may have been OK back in the day.  However, we have come a long way since then.  Not only is it not to code but really it does nothing to get the smoke,steam or little fat droplets up and out.  These lovely people have gone to a great time and some expense to update their kitchen but without the proper ventilation all that steam, smoke and fatty droplets are going to end up on their amazing shelves and great lighting way more than if they had put in proper ventilation.  I cannot stress this enough.  I just hate to come upon an amazing reno only to be disappointed to see improper ventilation.  It is such an important part of a kitchen.

6.  You do NOT have to have granite/stone/marble in your kitchen.  Do NOT fall into the trap.  You know the trap I am speaking of....  There are other options.  There are some amazing laminates out there.  Don't just dismiss them out of habit.  They can be awesome too, at a fraction of the cost.
Don't be afraid to use butcher block.  You can sand, stain/or not and seal them.  They look amazing in a kitchen- even when used around water.  If you take care of them they will last for years.  Wooden counters have been used FOREVA!!!  You can purchase inexpensive ones from Ikea.

So there you have it.  A kitchen can be eclectic and functional even on a budget.

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I am currently working on a new scarf and pattern.  When I went out a little while ago to find yarn for this project I knew I wanted a couple of things out of the yarn I was looking for.
1. I wanted the yarn to be soft.  Far too often when I am looking for yarn in a 4 ply weight it is far to rough and scratchy because a lot of the time it is a sock weight/fingering yarn specifically made for sock knitting.  It can be challenging to find a fingering weight that has the right softness.
2. Great stitch definition potential.  I really like to make patterns where the stitch definition is quite obvious.  I love how tactile it looks and how visually interesting they can be.
3. A great colour.  Many times yarn in this weight can be Variegated due to it being sock yarn or the colours are too babyish.  Just because I want to knit with a yarn this weight it does not mean it is for a baby!!  That being said I am so NOT into baby coloured yarn for babies- you know what I mean.... light blue, light yellow, mint green etc......

So off I went and I ended up at The Wool Bin in Oakville.  I really like this little shop and the ladies in there are very lovely.
So what little gem did I find in said little shop?

Now it has been said that "Life is to short to knit with Cheap yarn".  Well I think that just because something is "Inexpensive" it isn't necessarily cheap.  I had every intention of buying a yarn with some type of "wool" in it.  Then I saw the display of this lovely yarn-the Snuggly 4 Ply by Sirdar.  When I first picked it up I couldn't help but notice how soft it was.  But not in a crunchy cheap acrylic way.  I was blown away at how lovely this fully "man-made" yarn was.  The fibre content is as follows: 55% Nylon/45% Acrylic. It has 226m/247yds.   I believe it was under $6.00/ball but I will check.  What I also loved about the yarn was the different colours that it came in- not just babyish.  To see all the colours available click on the lick under the pic. I chose the colour Seaside. It will take 3 balls for this scarf.  For those of you that are snobbish about yarn and would never make something out of an Acrylic- I really think you should give this yarn a go.  It has been a complete dream to knit with and has had great stitch definition.  Can't say enough about it.  I suppose the test will come when it is worn and is washed.  I always wonder how badly a yarn will pill after continued use.

I have really been inspired by Vintage Knitting.  I love the stitches used and the delicateness some can possess      I have also noticed that there really isn't many patterns for scarves in a finer gauge with a lot of detail out there.  So I suppose this style will be my signature piece.  I will be designing other pieces but I truly love designing finer gauged pieces with lots of interest in them.  Don't get me wrong I like a quick knit like so many of you out there, I just find myself drawn to 4 ply these days.

I am probably about a third of the way through the scarf.  It has been slightly challenging finding time this week with the boys home for March Break and with visiting with family but I will get there.
Here is a sneak peek at my next design:

I love baby cables and I love Scottish Fagotting.

I am hoping to get this one done very soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hey Everyone... thought I would revisit Red Dining Rooms.  I had done a previous posting here.  There is just something about red in the dining room that I adore.  And, if it is paired with wainscoting well... all the better.  As you may know, or not... I too have that combo in my dining room.  For more on that see here.

We are still trying to finish up the kitchen trim..... however, my carpenter has a day job so I may have to get out the mitre saw myself to finish up!!

Here is some additional pics of some great Red Dining Rooms;


The colour used in this room is Benjamin Moore Raspberry Glaze 2078-20.  If you look on the chip it is a very juicy, deep rosy colour.  On my monitor it looks like a very awesome red.  If you wanted to try this colour I would caution you to get a tester first as I think this may not turn out as red as you were hoping for or as is shown in the above pics.  They may very well have been going for a very juicy raspberry.  However... I love this dining room.  Love everything about it.  This amazing dining room was constructed by Avenue B Developments

This final pic is by Alessandra Branca of Branca Inc.  I have adored her for years now.  I really appreciate how she layers her look.  The way in which she uses colour and her amazing use of textiles.  She not only uses amazing textiles in her furniture,drapes and pillows but she isn't afraid of using them on the walls as well.  She is awesome.
Red really is one of those colours that looks great in a traditional and a modern setting.  That is just how awesome it truly is!

Well that's it for today everyone.
Have a great day

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hey Everyone!  It is March Break here and so I will not be posting as I usually do.  But I wanted to share a quick posting with you all.... There is a new build here in Burlington that is in a great location.  Well I think it is a great location....It backs onto a fantastic park right in the heart of Burlington......

Here is a couple of pics:

For the most part this build seems pretty nice...I haven't been through it myself yet- maybe I will...  However, what caught my eye was in the Family Room at the back of the house....behold:

Can you see it???  You got it!!  THAT FIREPLACE!!!!  As I have said in the past... I am not here to cause trouble and to rant for the sake of ranting.  However, when I see something like this I just have to voice my opinion and hopefully stop others from making the same mistake.  It is absolutely ridiculous from a design and functionality point of view to have a fireplace as the one above !!!  A fireplace should NEVER be placed like this.  Forget the fact that it looks like a hole in the wall instead of the wonderful fireplace it could be.  It's like it doesn't know what it is.  It is trying to be contemporary with that stone and no mantle but it's not contemporary enough to not have a mantle.  Having a wall stoned like that between two sets of doors... well????   Forget window treatments!!  Well forget drapes at least, they just won't work here.  For those of you out there who are thinking of installing a it on a wall as a focal point.  This may be trying to be a focal point but it is a HOT MESS!!  In my humble opinion a fireplace should be on a wall that can "hold" it.  This is an example of a wall that CANNOT "hold it."

This would be a deal breaker for me as far as purchasing the house if I were in the market to do so.

Like I said I just wanted to point out this design flaw so that others out there do not do the same-you will regret it.

Hopefully I will be able to post this week but with the boys home for March Break...well we will see.

Have a great day everyone.