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Hey Everyone.... I hope all is well?  I got an email over the weekend from the Gap since I am on their mailing list....It was their top 6 picks for Spring.  My first thought on seeing this email was....OK, lets see what they have...... In the past I have been a big fan of The Gap.  I will say that in years past they caught my shopping eye way more than they do now.  In the recent past do you think I could find a blouse without ruffles down the front? (that being said if you look online now- not a ruffle in site-YEA!!) I find that many of  their shirts this past little while had NO shape whatsoever so that I had to buy a XS or S to fit me properly....And in NO way am I an XS!  They tended to hang off my frame or not hang properly due to having breasts- I end up looking like a can with legs!!  D Cup +Rectangluar, Boxy shirt= Not a good look AT ALL.
Now let me say that I do troll the Clearance rack about once a week or never knows what they will find!  I am one of those people that will not (on principle) buy full price if I don't have too.
Now, back to the 6!

Here is what I got in the email:

This first one is a winner in my books.  One cannot go wrong with a great fitting shirt.  And to top it off, it is gingham.  I LOVES me some Gingham.  The only issue with this one is the shorts.  Maybe one has to be 19 in order to pull this one off- maybe?  Put these on me and......Whoa!  I am not a large girl by any means...however......Oy!
I think this print would have looked awesome on a little skirt   One that wasn't too short.  That way, more of the population would be able to take advantage of such a fun print. If it were a skirt I may have even considered it.  Since they are shorts...well..... I think I will pass.

Number 2!  I think this one is long as...and I stress this.....that people buy the right size.  I do not care what size it says on the tag- buy the size that fits your body.  I myself find that for skinny jeans that I sometimes have to go up a size just for it to fit properly...and I am OK with that since the most important thing is that they fit great- who cares what size is on the label.  One of the main problems with this style is how low they tend to sit.  Now I am NOT one of those Mom's that likes them hiked up under ones breasts.....however...having a muffin top roll over a super low waistband isn't great either.    Find ones that fit you in the right place and you will be as good as gold.  Even curvy girls can wear skinny jeans if they find that right fit.
My only other issue is the colours this season.  I am not a pastelly kinda girl.  I like full on colour myself.  They are very pretty...I just think I don't have much in my wardrobe that would go with these pastel colours.

I really love these Dotty Skinny Jeans- I will have to try a pair on and see if I am less than horrified with what I see.  They really do look amazing on the model though- and with those heels-super cute!!!

 Number 3!  Ahhhhh the Maxi Dress.  I am sure I am going to get some flack about what I am going to say...."Enough already".  "Aren't we done with this one yet"?   "Isn't this trend over and done with yet"??  I don't know many people that look really good in this style of dress. I know, I know... I am sure that it is uber comfy to wear.  Most of the time when I see woman wear this dress,  they drag on the ground and they give no shape whatsoever.  I think the only person who would look halfway decent in this style is Giselle Bundchen!!  And maybe not even her!  Maybe it's my own built in bias.  I am just about 5'4" and I am sure that I am no longer even that!!  Have you ever tried on one of these dresses??  Well let me say that unless you are 5'9" it drags on the ground.   Yes one can get it hemmed or even buy a petite.  However, whenever I have tried this one on I feel like a sack of potatoes in it.  I guess maybe it's my height or something!  And as for the petite sizes- I am not a true petite so the proportions are way off for me.  I just can't wrap my head around this style of dress.  I have a friend that owns one in a lovely print...she wears it with a jean jacket...and I must say she looks pretty good in it.  But here's the rub..... she's 5'9"!!!  Again with the height!  I guess I will have to let this one pass...... for me.

I really love a wrap dress- It is very flattering on everyone- skinny, short, curvy or tall.  Try to envision it with out that necklace or those shoes- REALLY???  That's how you want to accessorize this dress? OY!!

This Eyelet dress is soooo cute.  Might have to try this one on myself. My only concern would be the length. I feel that it could benefit from being about 2-3" longer.  I am by no means a prude or anything I just think that for most of us the length as it is shown is not flattering.  I wish I could wear this length...but my size and of course my age.....well... a little longer would be nicer.

Number 4!  They almost got this one right for me.  I always love a great blazer.  There is just something about popping one of these on and a great scarf that makes one feel put together.  I really love the pop of colour on the under colour and at the cuff area.  HOWEVER.... I am sure you know what I will say about this one..... Horizontal stripes??? REALLY??    Maybe it's because I am not 18 anymore??  I don't know anyone except someone who is super skinny that can get away with this one.  I can imagine how horrible I would look in this. But that being said,   I get it!  They are trying something a little different. But really?  Horizontal stripes on a blazer??   Check out the page on the website- even the model doesn't looked that thrilled to be wearing it!!  When I wear a blazer I am trying to emphasize my curves and emphasize my waist.  Wear those stripes and forget it.  I know I am not uber young anymore, but really???

This one is way cuter.  Great detailing.  It has Spandex for a really great fit.  And I LOVE the contrast piping- that is how you do a cute blazer my friends.

Number 5.  For the most part this one is OKish.  However... There are few concerns I have for this one.  For most people this dress will be an issue.  This dress has to hit you perfectly at YOUR waist for you to be able to pull this one off.  I myself am short waisted, so the dress would tend to "pouf" just above my waist-not to mention that it is a drawstring waist- you have to be careful about how it is pulled and tied-again causing a "pouf" effect at the waist-sometimes not the most flattering of looks.  Secondly, there is no way that one would be able to wear this belt with this dress!  Have you ever tried to wear a belt with a drawstring...come on!  Ok maybe on second thought this one is NOT OK with me.    Lastly....I think that the length for most would be an issue.  Hitting one at the thickest point of ones thigh- not always a good look.  The dress could do to be 2-3" longer-just my humble opinion.  Looks really cute on the  model...however, in real life this would look ridiculous on my frame...again I think I will pass.

This little lovely is one that they seem to always get right.  Can't say enough about this style of Cardi.  You can wear it in a number of seasons.  Dress it up, dress it down.  Mix colours.....It is such a great piece to have in ones wardrobe.  This one is a 10+ for me.

So there you have it.  I suppose that some adverts do work  They bring you to a website and you check things out.  I was just curious as to their "6".  Like I said.... Gap recently doesn't always get it right for me.  Maybe it's my age- early 40's.  But I don't think so.  I think of myself as someone who is fairly young at heart- in fact I still think of myself as 18 in my head!  I just think sometimes when I am in the Gap..."even if I were 18 would I wear this"? And most of the time it is a resounding NO.  I do think they are better than they have been in recent years past..... Will I still shop there?- Yes.  Will I be happy with all they have to offer- No.  But I think you can't please everyone with have to offer things to a wide range of people.  And as long as they offer great fitting jeans (on the clearance rack of course) and great little Cardi's I will still shop there.

Have a great day everyone.

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