Friday, March 15, 2013


I am currently working on a new scarf and pattern.  When I went out a little while ago to find yarn for this project I knew I wanted a couple of things out of the yarn I was looking for.
1. I wanted the yarn to be soft.  Far too often when I am looking for yarn in a 4 ply weight it is far to rough and scratchy because a lot of the time it is a sock weight/fingering yarn specifically made for sock knitting.  It can be challenging to find a fingering weight that has the right softness.
2. Great stitch definition potential.  I really like to make patterns where the stitch definition is quite obvious.  I love how tactile it looks and how visually interesting they can be.
3. A great colour.  Many times yarn in this weight can be Variegated due to it being sock yarn or the colours are too babyish.  Just because I want to knit with a yarn this weight it does not mean it is for a baby!!  That being said I am so NOT into baby coloured yarn for babies- you know what I mean.... light blue, light yellow, mint green etc......

So off I went and I ended up at The Wool Bin in Oakville.  I really like this little shop and the ladies in there are very lovely.
So what little gem did I find in said little shop?

Now it has been said that "Life is to short to knit with Cheap yarn".  Well I think that just because something is "Inexpensive" it isn't necessarily cheap.  I had every intention of buying a yarn with some type of "wool" in it.  Then I saw the display of this lovely yarn-the Snuggly 4 Ply by Sirdar.  When I first picked it up I couldn't help but notice how soft it was.  But not in a crunchy cheap acrylic way.  I was blown away at how lovely this fully "man-made" yarn was.  The fibre content is as follows: 55% Nylon/45% Acrylic. It has 226m/247yds.   I believe it was under $6.00/ball but I will check.  What I also loved about the yarn was the different colours that it came in- not just babyish.  To see all the colours available click on the lick under the pic. I chose the colour Seaside. It will take 3 balls for this scarf.  For those of you that are snobbish about yarn and would never make something out of an Acrylic- I really think you should give this yarn a go.  It has been a complete dream to knit with and has had great stitch definition.  Can't say enough about it.  I suppose the test will come when it is worn and is washed.  I always wonder how badly a yarn will pill after continued use.

I have really been inspired by Vintage Knitting.  I love the stitches used and the delicateness some can possess      I have also noticed that there really isn't many patterns for scarves in a finer gauge with a lot of detail out there.  So I suppose this style will be my signature piece.  I will be designing other pieces but I truly love designing finer gauged pieces with lots of interest in them.  Don't get me wrong I like a quick knit like so many of you out there, I just find myself drawn to 4 ply these days.

I am probably about a third of the way through the scarf.  It has been slightly challenging finding time this week with the boys home for March Break and with visiting with family but I will get there.
Here is a sneak peek at my next design:

I love baby cables and I love Scottish Fagotting.

I am hoping to get this one done very soon.

Have a great day everyone.

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