Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey Everyone!  Is it wrong that as a Mum I can turn going to a Bonspiel into a shopping trip for yarn??  This past weekend we had to attend a Bonspiel- that is a curling tournament for you non-curlers.  My eldest's team was playing in Ayr, On.  It is a lovely little town just outside of another small town- Paris, On.
For years now I kind of poo-pooed Mary Maxim Yarn.  Why you ask... well that's because I only have ever seen their catalogues and their website.  I have never had an interest in plastic canvas crafts or for rug-hooking. They indeed have yarn, but I must say that their website is not the best--- are you listening Mary Maxim??  I have always wanted to make the 40 min. trip just to see what they had.  Well since we were there anyways-I thought-what the heck.  The only reason I actually went was because I was literally at the lights to go back to the Bonspiel and there was the sign.  I took it as a "sign" and decided to make a very quick trip to see what all the fuss was about.
When you first go in there is indeed lots of craft supplies.  Many of which that does NOT interest me.  But they do indeed have many supplies for a many number of crafts including quilting.  However, upon looking at the back of the store I became intrigued.  They have WAY MORE yarn at the store than on the website.  I was expecting a lot of scratchy Acrylic but was very pleasantly surprised to see Regia, Sirdar, Patons , plus many, many others.
Did I buy anything- you betcha!!  I was exceedingly restrained.  Having my husband and youngest son in the car waiting was incentive enough to cause much restraint on my part.  I did however purchase some yarn to make a lacey scarf. That yarn I purchased was Shimmer by Mary Maxim:

Forgive the cheesy picture- that was on THEIR website.  It really does NOT do the yarn any justice at all.  Yes the yarn has sequins but they do NOT sparkle like that.  I knew when I saw the yarn that I wanted to do a scarf that was simple yet lacy   I did come up with something and I am about just under 1/2 way done- just started Sat. night.  It will be a quick and easy knit.
It is such a lovely yarn to knit with.  You do not feel the sequins on the yarn at all.  It isn't caked in them or anything but does add a nice little shimmer to the yarn.  It is such a lovely combo of colours as well.  The colourway I chose was Starlight.  It is so pretty.  The yarn itself is a DK weight- however, I am using a 4.5mm needle just to add to the openness I wanted to achieve.  I am so pleased with the outcome so far.  It shouldn't take me too long to knit and to write up.  I love this yarn. It has just the right amount of sequins, colour shifting and fuzziness.  And I got it on sale for $3.97/ball.  What a bargain for this yarn.  I want to go back/or online and scoop up some more.  This would make a great shawl.  It would knit up quick and look fab- in fact I think that my Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0 would look awesome in this yarn.  Hmmmm.........I may have to think on that one!!
I will get pics of the scarf I am working on ASAP.

For those of you out there that are crazy knitters such as myself, you would completely understand my little side trip.  One should NEVER give up an opportunity to shop for yarn!!  To do so would be unforgivable!

Have a great day everyone.

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