Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I came across a modern kitchen recently.  Usually I am a very traditional kinda girl.  However, a kitchen such as the one I am going to show could push me over to the other side of design.  What got me thinking of this kitchen is the fact that it made me think of one of my dearest friends.  I am hoping that she will have a reno in her future- at least she is talking about it.  What made me think of her with this amazing reno was the dining table with the Eames chairs and the great chandelier.  Enjoy:

This amazing dining table is what made me think of her.  I love the mix of the rustic table with the modern Eames chairs.  And that chandelier!!  LOVE IT!!  The wall colour is White Dove OC-17 B/M.  That is one of my favourite whites as I have mentioned in the past.  It is one of those whites that looks amazing on Cabinets, Walls or Trim.  It is so versatile.  What makes it so versatile is that it isn't too cold, isn't too warm and doesn't scream an obvious undertone like say Cloud White, which so happens to be one of least favourite whites!!  To me Cloud White has been so overused in such a wrong way.  Forever it was the "go to white".  It's undertone (orangey) is just plain wrong for so many people.  It is way too creamy for most applications.  Especially in today's use of grays and blues.  You are much better off with Chantilly Lace, Decorators White, or White Dove.  I AM SO OVER CLOUD WHITE!!!
Anyhoooo........ The above Sergei chandelier can be seen here.  And the Eames chairs can be seen here.

As I said I am not normally a modern style kind of girl.  But this so so lovely.  I love the clean lines.  I especially love the waterfall treatment of the island-that is when the counter top material envelops the top and sides as shown above.  I love the metal stools- very retro and I love the lights over the island.  I just absolutely love this space.

This amazing space was created by Barlow Reid Design Inc.  And here is a few other pics from Barlow Reid:

You should check out the website for some other amazing rooms.  And the great thing is this great design firm is in Toronto- yea Canada!!!

Anyways....I hope this has provided a little eye candy for today.  Have an amazing day everyone.

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