Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hey Everyone... thought I would revisit Red Dining Rooms.  I had done a previous posting here.  There is just something about red in the dining room that I adore.  And, if it is paired with wainscoting well... all the better.  As you may know, or not... I too have that combo in my dining room.  For more on that see here.

We are still trying to finish up the kitchen trim..... however, my carpenter has a day job so I may have to get out the mitre saw myself to finish up!!

Here is some additional pics of some great Red Dining Rooms;


The colour used in this room is Benjamin Moore Raspberry Glaze 2078-20.  If you look on the chip it is a very juicy, deep rosy colour.  On my monitor it looks like a very awesome red.  If you wanted to try this colour I would caution you to get a tester first as I think this may not turn out as red as you were hoping for or as is shown in the above pics.  They may very well have been going for a very juicy raspberry.  However... I love this dining room.  Love everything about it.  This amazing dining room was constructed by Avenue B Developments

This final pic is by Alessandra Branca of Branca Inc.  I have adored her for years now.  I really appreciate how she layers her look.  The way in which she uses colour and her amazing use of textiles.  She not only uses amazing textiles in her furniture,drapes and pillows but she isn't afraid of using them on the walls as well.  She is awesome.
Red really is one of those colours that looks great in a traditional and a modern setting.  That is just how awesome it truly is!

Well that's it for today everyone.
Have a great day

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