Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hey Everyone.   Just a very quick posting today.  I have seen some strange things in my day but this may be one of the strangest.  It falls in the category of "what were they thinking??"

Now let me start of by saying that the rest of the house is quite lovely- a little updating here and there but overall it is a lovely house.....however......  I have never in all my years seen this.......  A window seat in a bathroom.
Now one would ask......What is the purpose?  Is there going to be a party in there?  Maybe the seat is hiding ventilation or some other works??? Maybe?? I know that sometimes you have to be creative when dealing with odd spaces,  however, this really was very strange to me.  I would think that I would have to come up with something else.  One possibility would be some sort of storage unit-maybe?  Other than that I am kinda stumped??  Any ideas out there??  I know that it is probably just for show, but really???  A window seat??

Wonders never cease.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hmmm! Don't want to debate you, but I'm a person who loves to spend a lot of time inside the bathroom. I lock myself in and separate myself from the outside world, even just for a few hours; so I get the idea of having a bay window inside the bathroom. I just don't get why it's beside the toilet! Nevertheless, the idea of having a bay window inside the bathroom is one of my ultimate wish. Haha! Shower time is my alone time, and my kid knows that. I do that just to make myself sane from everything that happens in the day; to give myself some space and freedom. I think you should try it, it's so relaxing!

    Vernie Herr

  2. I agree. A window seat? Who wants all that fabric in a steamy bath? Not I. Looks like they may be covering/hiding a bath tub (except for the vent) that they no longer want to use. A lot less expensive than removing the tub and perhaps the new owners may want a tub for bathing children. This is definitely a more sophisticated look perhaps for a guest bath. One thing that they have accomplished is that a LOT more people are viewing their site because of this unusual feature. Maybe someone will solve the dilemma.

    1. Hey Sally, I never thought about that one- hiding a tub- maybe?? I understand that people may want to create a space to get away from it all...however, If I want to get away from it all I would be in the tub or on a window seat in another room- just my opinion. Thanks for stopping by