Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here is a short posting today.  Another Colour Story.  I really enjoy doing this segmant.  I love picking the room and I especially love picking the colours that would go with it.  Enjoy:

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think I know why I love navy and pink!  It's Preppy!  Navy and pink is so preppy.  And I suppose I have always been preppy- well at least since High School all those years ago.........
I wish I could put into words how I feel about this colour combo.  It just makes me happy when I see it- plain and simple!  I thought I would share some of my favourite images of this great colour combination:

There is something so beachy about this photo!  Would love to hang out here.
This is such a timeless look that has been updated with- grasscloth, ikat, trellis. Love everything about this room!

Mary McDonald- where do I even start??  She can put a room together like no other.  She can add so much drama but still make it livable!

This is a 2nd pic of the same room by Mary McDonald.  It is modern without being over the top. 

This Nursery is so sweet.  Love the wall colour - very subtle.  Also loving the Rug!!  For a similar colour try ICI Iced Pink 64RR 80/073.  When picking a pink like the one in the above room- stick to the 1st colour (lightest) on the paint chip card.  Just my humble opinion but pink really "pinks" up in a room.  Unless you are going for a bubble gum look!

I love how eclectic and different this room is.  I love the muted Navy that is on the walls-It seems like a "softer" navy.  That headboard- who doesn't love tufted velvet??  Well some might not like it but I love it!!  And that rug! I love anything with a zigzag pattern these days!!  To achieve a similar colour, try:  Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud SW 6249 or Pittsburgh Paint Sheffeild Gray 549-6 or Para Lefroy Glacier P2701-02.

With the addition of navy here, it makes it less "sweet".  The darker colour helps to ground everything.  Especially loving that rug!!!  Want one please.............

Such a fun and bright teen girls room.  Loving the pink stripe just below the ceiling!

The above 5 Photos are all by Samantha Pynn.  What can I say about Samantha except I think she completely and totally rocks it!!  She can mix items like no other.  She can take a little nothing and turn it into a big something.  And she's Canadian- YEH!!

This Living Room by Kishani Perera is one of my all time Navy and Pink favourites!  For me that sofa is to die for.  Navy velvet-what can be better than that??  And the hit of fuschia with those pillows- WOW!  Love, Love, this room!  Wonder how the men would feel about something like this??

The above room commands attention. The wall colour is so saturated!  Saturated Colours can be difficult to pick.  For a similar colour try Pittsburgh Paints Teeny Bikini 348-6.

This is designed by Ralph Lauren at Roundhill in Jamaica.  This room takes me to my happy place.  You could just leave me here forever!!  First of all- all that white with blue striping- Ahh.......  and the hit of Fuschia with the blankets.  Seriously..... just leave me here!!  Try Benjamin Moores Decorators White CC-20 for a blank canvas.

I love the mixing of modern and traditional that is going on in this room.  The hit of pink from the seat cushions and the flowers is just enough to make a statement!  Try ICI Mystery Sound 70BG 19/071 for the bookcases.

 I have admired this room for years by Mary McDonald.  In this case the pink takes center stage- but somehow it doesn't feel overly feminine- must be the addition of blue and black in the mix- Love it!

 Anna Spiro always does navy and fuschia in such a fresh way- she totally rocks!!

 Up until I saw this pic I was all for doing Farrow and Balls Light Blue in my bedroom, but NO!  Now I have seen this I am conflicted...........  Wonder how the Hubs would feel about Navy and Fuschia??  Decisions, decisions.............

 It is so nice to see examples done by everyday people- the above nursery is a great example of that.  What a great job on the trellis stencil!!

Love, Love this room- especially the carpet.  For a similar Deep Dark Navy try.... Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy HC-154

What a great combination- the brighter blue with the fuschia desk.  For a similar blue try:  Benjamin Moores Big Country Blue 2066-20.

That wallpaper- Wow!  That is one lucky girl!

 And of course I couldn't finish off without finding some sort of knitting in Navy and Pink.  Love this crocheted blanket-hmmmmmm..........  Might have to make something like this for me!

I wanted to tell you some of my favourite Navy's and Fuschia's.....

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154

Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue CC 780

Martha Stewart Mariner MSL165

ICI Easton Blue 10BB 18/106

Benjamin Moore Peony 2079-30

Sherwin Williams Hibiscus SW 6851

Picking Deep Pinks for me is very hard because I only have one true fav and that is Peony by Benjamin Moore.  That Pink looks great in so many situations.  For me it is the true Fuschia colour that people think of... well at least it is for me.
I hope you have enjoyed Navy and Pink.
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, February 27, 2012


I LOVE Gingham, always have, always will!  It is one of those fabrics that sends me to my happy place.  It is so simple!  I think that's what I love about it.  Little squares of colour all neatly in a row and side by side.  My favourite Gingham by far is either Blue or Red.  It is one of those fabrics that is timeless!  So I thought I would share some favourite pics that make my heart sing!!

Who knew Gingham could be so dramatic?  I think that bed is every little girls dream.  Well I know it was mine.  I always wanted a 4 poster bed and with all that gingham in the above picture-heavenly!

What a great way to have multiple beds for a cottage.  And gingham is always appropriate for a cottage!

I think this is one of my favourite gingham pictures by far.  I have loved this room for years.  It embodies all that I love about gingham.  The fact that the room has a Swedish country feel only adds to my love of this room. Oh that bed!

Again, gingham incorporated into the bed.  I love this style, so elegant and simple!  It is truly a timeless room.

It always amazes me when gingham is used directly on a wall. It just looks so right!  I love the understated statement the gingham makes here.  Just can't say enough about all the different textures and patterns at play in this room.

These cushions on the chairs are so sweet!  I have always loved the combo of stripes and gingham.  It is so country without being overly sweet and sugary!

Tommy Smythe- I adore you and your bedroom!!  This guy really knows how to mix it up!

A great example of using gingham in a way that is modern and fresh!

I love this chair with the gingham wall.  It is so graphic and modern in its approach.  Love the colour combo as well.

Style at Home

I love how bright and cheery this room is.  This colour always looks great in a cottage setting.  Try Benjamin Moore Wales Green 2028-50 for a similar color.

Again gingham on the walls- Love it!  The way in which the room has been put together shows that gingham can be eclectic too.

I know that putting pattern on a ceiling isn't for everyone- but why not??  This green gingham ceiling looks fantastic in this kitchen.  It adds so much to this room and relates to the island so well.

This dining room has to be one of my favourites.  I love the simplicity of it all. 

What little girl wouldn't want this for their room?  Jonathan Adler has done a phenomenal job of mixing colour and pattern here.  I for one would have loved to have this room as a little girl- heck, I think I would love to have it now- don't think my boys would agree with me though!

This room is so pretty without being too feminine.

I am such a sucker for gingham shades, be they roller,roman or a simple valance. Love the red they have chosen for this space.  And that chandelier sign me up for one now!

Wow- that is quite the peacock- hopefully it isn't real!!

This is such a great example how gingham could be used in a boys room setting.  This is such a timeless look!

Love, Love, Love this room.  Did I mention how much I love this room.  The colours chosen, the patterns and textures-Amazing!

Would love to have this floor.  Diamond and Baratta are such masters of pattern.  Can't say enough about this floor!

Such a pretty floor- almost a shame to cover it up- but it is a bedroom after all!

This pic sets my heart all a flutter- just love the soft colour palette and patterns- would look great with Farrow and Ball Light Blue!

I too have Gingham in my house.  Here is a couple of Pics:

 This pillow was made by myself.  I had a bunch of left over fabric and did a quick patchwork and used a stripe on the back.

We bought a couple of cube Ottomans at HomeSense and I made slipcovers for them.

 I bought this little guy at Ethan Allen a few years ago- he was in a clearance bin- I think I paid $7.00 for him!  I already had a feather insert- thank goodness it fit! 

This last pillow was made by me.  I got a remnant of the floral fabric-I think it is "Rose Sonata" by Waverly.  I already had the duck egg blue fabric lying around.  I too had the Gingham in my "stash".  Note that when making Piping it is best to cut the fabric on the bias so that the piping will go around the corner of the pillow smoothly.  Fabric cut on the bias (diagonal) has more give or stretch to it.  This allows it to smoothly curve around a corner.  In this instance I didn't have enough to make the piping out of bias cut fabric, so..... I cut it on grain (straight).  This made it a bit of a challenge.  Since I have been sewing for like eva', I was able to coax it with some sweat and a few choice words!!  I wouldn't recommend sewing covered piping on anything but bias cut fabric- but I made it work in this case!
Well that's my little look into gingham and my slight obsession with it!  Whether you use it sparingly on a lampshade or use it whole hog on a wall- Gingham always looks great!
Have a great day everyone!