Thursday, February 16, 2012


So I am thinkng of  painting the wall behind my bed Farrow and Ball Light Blue!  I LOVE this colour:

Light Blue is one of those chameleon colours.  The type of colour that depending on the light, it changes it's "mood".  And to say that it is blue would be deceiving.  It is a very greyed down version of what you think a light blue should be.  Sometimes it looks grey, other times it looks a little more green.  Again, it all depends on the quality of light and what you are relating it too.  Sometimes when you pick up a paint chip in the store, you think, "that is definitely white."  Take that chip and place it next to another colour and you should be able to see that yes it is white but it "reads" as another colour.  For example:  Benjamin Moores Cloud White CC-40:

Cloud White has a warm undertone that is very creamy.  If you held this chip up in the store it would look perfectly white.  Put it up against Benjamin Moore Decorator's White and you will see how creamy it is!  It all depends on how a colour relates to other colours around it.

Ultra White is cool and has a bluey undertone to it.  But again if you were to hold it up in the store it would indeed be very white.  A last example of this is White Opulence OC-69.  Again when held up it looks white.

White Opulence when you really look at it has a Pink undertone.  It is very pretty but if you were looking for a clean true white you would be very disappointed.
What does all this have to do with Farrow and Ball's Light Blue??  Well........   I am just trying to explain that paint isn't always what is seems.  That is why it is so important to try a sample out on your wall.  Only then will you get a true representation of that colour.  For me, the walls in my house tend to pull out the green undertone in a paint colour. If I put Tan on my walls you can really see the green undertone in them especially on under lit days and at nighttime.
Farrow and Ball Light Blue is one of those colours that make me say  "Ahhhhh".  It is such a lovely colour and can be used in so many rooms and on furniture.  It is so watery and ethereal.  When I paint the Master Bedroom (I think!!), I will load it up here and let you all have a look.  I am hoping to get that done very soon.
But for now I thought I would load up some lovely pics for you to look at. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do:

I can't say enough about this bathroom.  Light blue is the perfect colour for this space.  With it's colour changing abilities it goes perfectly with the marble in this space.  In addition having this colour here makes it feel so watery and spa like.

This is a perfect example of introducing a hint of colour to a space.  The wall above the mantel has been painted Light Blue.  It is subtle but so effective!  And so pretty!

As you can see Light Blue looks fabulous n this space.  It provides a soft coloured backdrop for everything else to shine.

Since the Owners of the above Master Bedroom loved Light Blue so much they had it painted in there Master Bath as well.  Again it is the perfect choice- so watery and soft.

You can see what I mean by the light affecting the wall colour.  Here in this pic in this space the wall colour looks much lighter than in previous pics.  Again Light Blue looks fabulous in a bathroom.

You can see in the above photo how greyed green this colour can look in the right light.  It is such a gorgeous colour in this bedroom.  The colour is such a beautiful backdrop for black and white photos.

Look how great Light Blue looks on a front door!  I love it!  It looks especially good with the trim colour they chose.  This colour would look great on a cottage or a house by the sea.   Sigh.........

I was so glad that I found a pic of Light Blue with other colours.  Look how fabulous it looks with Farrow & Ball Cream and Farrow and Ball Picture Gallery Red.  You can see and I don't think it is a trick of the photo- you can see how green Light Blue can look- and it looks great!!

Farrow & Ball Light Blue, Cream and Picture Gallery Red

It even looks fantastic on cabinetry.  It is such a lovely country look to have this colour on your cabinetry!

Again Light Blue looks fabulous in a kitchen.  Here due to the type of light it takes on a more blue tinge to the paint. 

Here is a great example how colours relate to each other and why it is important to try them out in your space before you commit.  As you can see the owner tried many before getting what they wanted.  I just thought this was a great example of that!

Again we can see due to the light how green Light Blue can go- I love it!

Here in this Living Room, Light Blue definitely takes on more of a bluey tone.

I love the above cabinetry.  Light Blue really does lend itself to English style Kitchen cabinetry.  It is such a beautiful Country look without chickens and ducks!!

If you are wanting to achieve a Swedish Country look then Light Blue could work for you.  The Mora clock in the above photo is painted in Farrow & Ball Stony Ground and Light Blue.  To achieve a Swedish Country look stick to watery greens, greys and blues.

The above kitchen is a great example of English Country Style.  The cabinetry surrounding the "AGA" or stove is painted Light Blue and it is gorgeous.  It really plays off of the black stove beautifully.

Here is a great example of how light and photos affect paint colour.  This article states that this is Light Blue.  To me it looks more like Theresa's Green- but I have to take their word for it.  Either way this is a gorgeous English bedroom.  Just look at those beams.  We don't get beams like that here is Canada- insert very jealous here!!

And finally here are some pictures from Canadian House and Home Oct. 2003!!  Yes 2003 my friends!  This has to be one of my favourite examples of not only Light Blue but also what the power of paint can do!
Sorry about the quality but they are scans.  I tried finding them on the net.........
I have before and after shots.

Doesn't this kitchen look incredible??  This is when I fell for Farrow and Ball Light Blue.  So don't be afraid to paint those cabinets.  Not only will it look great but will give you a few extra years before you have to completely overhaul your kitchen if it isn't in the budget to do so now.
Hope you enjoyed Light Blue as much as I do!
Have a great day!


  1. Oh thank you for doing this post. I love it as well. I am thinking of blue gray nbr 91 for cabinets. Decisions decisions!

    1. I would say go for it. It's only paint and some effort! The kitchen I highlighted at the end of my post is a great example on how great this colour looks on cabinetry. Try goggling british kitchen makers- they have some great ideas on painted cabinetry. Or go to It is a british magazine-that may help. Good luck!

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