Thursday, February 2, 2012


I LOVE Amy Butler designs.  I love her fabric, designs and wallpaper.  Came across some of her wallpaper today and it made me think of what I would do with this lovely gorgeousness.  Besides the designs themselves the colours are to die for:

I can't even put into words how happy this wallpaper makes me feel.  I especially liked the "Stone" and "Moss" colourways.
I thought that the wallpaper- "Fountain" in the Stone Colourway would look really great in my master bath!  Don't know if I can convince Hubs to go along- we'll see.  Here is a small mock up of what it may look like:

I am still getting used to photoshopping using GIMP, so bear with me until I get really good at it!  I LOVE this colourway and pattern.  What is so great about a pattern like this one is that it isn't too feminine and the colourway is really quite masculine.  Maybe that's why I love it!

I also fell for 2 other wallpapers that would look great in a room together:



I am especially inspired by the above wallpaper.  The colours are so fresh and alive.  Brings a little sunshine to my gray Canadian day!  I would love to use both of those in  my bedroom.  Don't think it will fly though!!  Can't blame a girl for trying!
Thats all for now everyone.  Have a great day.

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