Friday, February 3, 2012


As I have stated previously, I am wanting to change a couple of things around the house.  One of those rooms is the dining room.  I want to add loads of character.  I have always been a huge fan of Craftsman style.  I love that it can be both traditional and modern in feel.  Although I don't plan to go full hog as it were, I do want to add trim in the form of baseboards, trim around the window/doors and high wainscoting to add that Craftsman feel.  If I were to go all out I would definitely be enlisting the help of Bradbury and Bradbury Wallpaper.  Have you seen this stuff?  I have been in love with their wallpaper for years.  Not only do they have Craftsman wallpaper but they also carry other design styles as well- Victorian and Art Deco.  They try to be as authentic as possible.  It is hand made and it is worth every penny my friends. If you are a big fan of William Morris you should check them out- STUNNING!! is all I can say!  Here are just a few examples of there gorgeous work:

If you are looking to do authentic Craftsman then Bradbury and Bradbury will be one route you will want to investigate.  Here are a few examples of rooms with their wallpaper in them:

Although we are not going the authentic route we are going to incorporate some nice details into our space.  Here is what we were thinking of doing:

I am especially fond of the middle pic.  I love the wainscoting, the trim, the RED!!  How I adore the red. I have wanted to incorporate Red in my dining room for like ever!!  So once the trim is up- Red on the upper part it will be.
These are just a few examples what we will be drawing inspiration on.  We will keep you posted with our progress.
Well..... that's all for now.  Have a great day everyone!

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