Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is Valentines Day!  A Day of Candy, Roses and Love!  Personally I don't need a special day for "love".  I'm one of the lucky ones that has a great guy and I don't need a special day to say we love each other!  But enough of the mushy stuff!  I want to talk about RED!  As I have stated in the past, I love the colour Red.  There is just something about it- I can't explain it.  I will be showing some interiors and images that are literal translations of Valentines Day.  Later I will just be showing Red:

This is the Heart Chair by Verner Panton- What a great chair- I wonder if it is comfortable- you know what I mean......  Sometimes these things look awesome but not very comfortable.

This is such a great idea to use up wallpaper or to try out some funky ones.  Just cut out into the shape you wish and put up.  It gives a little hit without the full commitment wallpaper can have.

The image above is one that is in my favourites folder and has been for awhile!  It is modern yet not cold, timeless yet updated.  Love this room.

I remember this room from a couple of years ago- on the Colin and Justin show.  The one thing I love about this room is the use of the trim and how they painted it out red to highlight it.  It's like a present wrapped in gorgeous grosgrain ribbon!

I remember this room from years ago- but to me it is still current for now.  I think I originally saw it in Country Home mag or Country Living- I loved this room and still do today!

Where do I even begin......The bedding......  The walls.........  I love the hits of red in this room.  Just plunk me down in here and I would be happy!

 Wow!  That's all I can say.  When you lacquer walls in Red there is nothing else you can say.  Love it with the Blue- if you want to go full out, then this is the way to do it.  Stay bold and lacquer the walls!

This is such a great example of incorporating Red into a room without going whole hog.  It is just enough red to add that kick.  This is a great example of a grey room that doesn't leave you feeling cold!  The wall colour is Gray Owl  2137-60 by Benjamin Moore.  Ad the way that it has been decorated it would be so easy to add a hit of a different colour say Aqua or Kelly Green.

As you probably know by now I love to knit!  Just wanted to add a little knitting into the mix today- isn't it cute??

In addition to all of the Valentines Lovey stuff I wanted to share with you the colour RED!!
Here are some of my favourite Reds:

Lyons Red CC 68

Lyons Red CC 68 by Benjamin Moore.  It is such a full on red without being neon!  Here is a couple of examples:

Just look at that panelling.  And that tile.  If you want to make a statement..... well this certainly is one way to do it!!  I love how they paired warm metals in here with the Red- Look at those two light fixtures!

Another Red is Moroccan Red 1309;

It is one of those full, deep Reds- would look great in a Dining Room.  Here is some examples:

Poppy is one of those reds that says, "Hey over here, notice me".  It is full, it is bright and I love it!  Here is an example:

Pottery Barn- Million Dollar Red

Here is another Red that I love.  It is Caliente AF 290 by Benjamin Moore.  It is so Spicy!!  Here are some examples:

Red is one of those colours that a lot of people like but are afraid to use it in decorating.  Personally I can handle a whole room painted in red.  Some I know, not so much!  But even just adding a pillow or some art can really add some personality.


  1. Hi Megan,

    The Moroccan red living room [right after the chip with the white sofa, large opium coffee table and greenish damask drapes is my work and I would very much appreciate it if you could link it directly to my website. I know that sometimes it's difficult to find original sources. I'm not sure if the wordpress thing will work. [no, it does not and neither does open ID, so I'm using my google acct] My site is laurelberninteriors dot com. Thank you so much! Great post! x, Laurel

  2. Hi Laurel- I will definitely do that ASAP. I always try to link things properly. I am so glad you dropped me a line to let me know. It is such a lovely room. And doing Red/Green is such a difficult thing to get right, otherwise it tends to look like Christmas. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Thanks so much, Megan! And it's happened to me too where I posted someone's photos and got the attribution all wrong. I only found this one because I was researching red for a project which was the color above Moroccan and then I wondered if my image would come up and it did! I did that room over ten years ago! best, Laurel