Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here is a little project that I came up with that should knit up real fast!  I wanted to create something that would satisfy those out there that want instant gratification.  This would make a great little gift for a friend, teacher or grandparent.  Behold........  the Coaster!!

The yarn I used for this particular Coaster is; Louisa Harding-Jasmine.  It was so nice to knit with.  I used quite fine needles to knit this:  2.75mm.  The yarn and the needles produced a fabric that isn't to drapey, not too stiff, not too sloppy!  I especially loved the metallic thread in this particular yarn.  I purchased it at Spun here in Burlington.  Here is some more info on this lovely yarn- here.

I also knit this Coaster up in a few other yarns in different colours that go together nicely:

All three yarns are a sock wt yarn and have a gauge of 28sts/4".  I used size 2.75mm needles.
Pink Yarn: Bernat Sock yarn (sorry but that is the only info I have as I have had it for a very long time)
Green: Viking Baby Ull
White: Viking Baby Ull
I love these little Coasters.  The nice thing about this little porject is that it knits up really quickly- anywhere from 1-2hrs depending on how fast you are.  It takes me about 70 mins to knit up one.  So with a little yarn and a little time in the evening you can have a nice gift for someone you love or knit it up as a little treat for yourself.
The link to the PDF is here:

I hope you have enjoyed this little "candy" for Valentines Day!
Have a great day everyone!

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