Friday, September 28, 2012


I have always loved brown and pink......  There is just something so yummy about it!!

Case in point:

Gray Earth  LA116, Laura Ashley

Deep Pink 6 LA106, Laura Ashley

Raw Linen LA108, Laura Ashely

I was putting one of my hand made fan decks way when it fell open onto Gray Earth.  Well I fell in love with that colour. It is the most amazing dark brown ever.  It is chalky, it is grayed down and creamy smooth all at the same time.  It reminds me of a Dark French Gray.  So I looked through the other colours and thought that Deep Pink 6 and Raw Linen would look great with it.  And it does.  I would love to have a room with these 3 colours in it.

So here is some inspiration in Pink and Browns... Enjoy:

So there you have it.... just a little brown and pink and ecru.

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey everyone!  I have been a very bad blogger!  Between trying to get this wrap/stole knitted and my sciatica.... well I have been a VERY BAD BLOGGER!!  Please forgive??

I hope to be feeling better soon.  I have had Sciatic issues in the past and was hoping that it was just that... in the past!!  But I have been suffering on and off for about 2-3 weeks now.  I have been trying to give my back a rest for the past week, but life gets in the way of that.... Laundry, Chauffeuring,Cleaning....etc...etc....
I am hoping that in the next few days all will be better.  But most of my time has been used towards knitting up this wrap so that I can get the pattern done and up and running on Ravelry.  I am nearly 3/4 of the way done anow.  Not bad considering I started last Thurs. night!!  But I do have other projects in the wings.  More Accessories of course.  And I am hopeful that I can get all the painting that I want to get done.  Back permitting of course.  That is the main reason that has been stopping me.  I feel like I have talked and talked about it but "WHERE'S THE PAINT"???  Every time I look at my upper hallway I scream internally.  I won't be happy until it is done.  But knitting has also been taking up a lot of my time as of late.
So..... bear with me- Thanks

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey everyone!  Just a very quick posting today. Here are my interpretation of Greengate colours:

I see those colours and it makes be want to create my own knitted blanket. Hmmm.....  Now I have to decided on these colour ways or the colourways found in my interpretation of Cath Kidston colours...
Oh the decisions to make.

Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Just a VERY quick post today.  I am currently working on a wrap that has 3 different but VERY easy lace patterns in them.  It is the kind of item that can be worn on the shoulders, draped beautifully over the back and arms at a party or just wrap yourself up with it.  I am hoping to get it done very soon so that I can get the pattern up and running on Ravelry.

First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that has been purchasing my scarf pattern Easy as Pie.  I cannot thank you all enough and thanks so much for all of your kind feedback and words.

Now just a little pic to show what yarn I am using to make my lovely wrap- will have to come up with a witty name for - so stay tuned:

This lovely yarn is 72% Super Kid Mohair/ 24%Silk/4% metalized Polyester.  It is such a great yarn to knit with.  Usually knitting with Mohair it can be a bit of a beast but it is so nice. I think that the Metalized Polyester gives it some strength and makes it so that the yarn knits up easier.  Highly recommend it.  It cost $10.95 CDN.  I think the wrap will take around 5-6 balls of this yarn.  Will find out at the end.  I know it is slightly expensive but is sooooo worth it.  I can't wait to wear this this winter and to use it at Christmas time.

So...... That's is for today.
Have a a good one, everyone.

Friday, September 21, 2012


As I have stated in previous posts I love designing.  I especially love knitting.  It runs so deep for me.  It connects me to my creative side, it is so tactile and I suppose it connects me to my Mum.  I so wish she were still here to see what I create.  Well, she will always be with me and all, but I wish she could see what I have been able to do all because of her. Oh, please don't be sad when I speck of this, that's not what I am saying, I'm not sad or anything just a fact!  She passed nearly half my life ago now so the feelings have ebbed so that I can talk or write about such things without a lot of sadness.  I guess it's more about a lot of what ifs!!
Now back to more happier things.........

I recently was in a nearby city in a yarn store I have never been in the  Wool Bin before so I thought, what the heck we are here lets give her a go!!.  It is located in Oakville.  It isn't huge or anything but has some lovely yarn.  To tell you the truth I have been in a few yarn stores and they are all lovely to me.  God love my man and his patience when we hit one.  I have even been known to take my boys as well.  But I am well armed with DS's and books/magazines for them.  They know the drill all to well.... go in and sit down, don't talk to me and don't ask how long we are going to be!!!  Seriously! When I am in there they soooo know better.  And they actually sit really quietly too!!  Again, they know better.  There is nothing worse when you are in a store and there are kids RUNNING riot without any supervision.  Makes me noodles it does.  I mean, where's the parents??  My two know better that is for sure.  The young one may play up at home for me but at least I can take him out and he doesn't act like a Yahoo!!  Now where was I?    So I was in The Wool Bin and in the sale rack was some Rowan Wool 4 ply in the Eau de Nil colourway.

There were 4 balls in the bin.  They had a few other colours on Sale as well.  It was on Sale for $4.25.  That is a crazy good price for this yarn it is usually double that.  So we left, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.... so a few hours later I went back and bought them!!  Oh yea!!  I mean.... I just had to!!  So now what am I going to do with you my pretty??  Even though at the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it I could not pass up such a good deal.  I have been dreaming of this yarn and this colour in particular ever since I saw this in Rowan's knitting book #50.  The book is beyond gorgeous.  So many things to knit, so little time.  Rowan is one of my favourites by far!!

I fell in love with Betty, I mean love at first sight with this lovely little pullover.   I love the high waist detail, the sleeve detail and the nordic colour/detail.  And in the mag they have it paired with a velvet skirt and gloves.  Man I would love to make this and where it at Christmas time!!  The yarn itself is slightly expensive as is the pattern book.  But SO WORTH IT.  Will have to see what I can do.  So after seeing this little lovely I just had to get me some of this yarn and the Wool Bin was kind enough to oblige with a sale.  I just wish that they had had all I needed to make this puppy!!!

When it comes to yarn I am not a snob.  Either I like it or I don't regardless of Manufacturer or Cost.  I have seen some pretty expensive yarns in my day that in my opinion were garbage.  Yet others that I think are pretty darn good for it's price point.
Here are some of my favourites at a decent price point:

This yarn has a great feel to it and gives great stitch definition.  It also comes in some really great colours.  I believe it sells here in Canada for around $5.95 a ball.  Not bad for a Bamboo/Wool Mix.  It is a light worsted weight yarn.  But with Zeller's going out of business I wonder where I will get it?? Hmmmm.....

I love, love this yarn.  I have made a few things with this yarn and  I can't say enough about it.  As long as you like wool (and you know I do), then you will love this yarn.  It has such a lovely hand to it, it wears well and it feels so nice to knit with.  I think it sells for around $4.99 US, but here they gouge us for $7.99!!  But with my Michael's coupon I end up paying the US price!  Gotta love Micheal's 40% or 50% coupons!!  This yarn is a worsted weight yarn.

This is such a lovely fine gauge yarn.   Great for Hats, baby stuff and lace shawls.  It knits up so nicely with great stitch detail yet has a softness to the stitches- a slight fuzziness if you would.  I think it sells here for about $5.95 a ball.  It is 100% superwash wool.   I usually buy it at Spun here in Burlington.  This yarn is a sock weight yarn

This yarn is great for those of you and your friends that are very "wool" adverse!!  It is 100% acrylic and has a lovely sheen to it.  I have made many baby blankets out of this one.  It is so great for that and for scarfs.  I think it retails for around $4.95. But now that Zeller's is no more I am wondering where I will be able to get it??  This yarn is a worsted weight yarn

Some other of my favourite yarns that are in a slightly higher price point are as follows:

This yarn is amazing.  I can't say anymore than that.  The colours it comes in...well it's like candy when standing in front of a display of this!!  It is soft and it knits like a dream.  For those of you that aren't wool fans then maybe you should try Alpaca, it might change your mind!!  This yarn is around $8.95 a ball.  Slightly expensive for some, but oh so worth it.  I made my Easy Peazy Shawl out of it and I love it!! See it here and here.  Definitely worth a look at.  Would use it again in a heartbeat!!  This yarn is a light worsted/dk weight yarn.

This amazing yarn is what I call "the workhorse" of yarns.  You can make just about anything with it. It is a worsted yarn that is 100% Superwash wool.  It has a great hand and great stitch definition.  AND it comes in a boatload of colours.  LOVE IT!!  It is priced at $10.99 for 100g ball.  It is a light worsted/dk weight yarn.

Saving the best for last!!

This amazing line of yarn- Debbie Bliss Cashmerino also comes in DK weight.  Can I just say that it is my FAVOURITE YARN so far.  I love everything about it.  It is beyond soft.  It knits up like a dream.  The colours are gorgeous.  And you can use it for many things.  LOVE IT!!!!!  I think that it sells for around $8.95 a ball.  I can't even put into words how much I LOVE IT!!!!   If you have never used it, then please give it a go.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Well that's it for now.  I could go on and on and on.  I have been lucky enough that I haven't had too many yarns that I have been disappointed with.  Mostly, I have been very lucky and end up liking most of what I have knit.

Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I finally finished my scarf pattern.  I am sure that some will have issue with it's name.... "Easy as Pie".  I can just hear my friends now..... "Easy for you!!"  Well, in terms of lace and cables it is easyish!  And like making a real pie, it's not rocket science, you just have to follow the directions.  I know that baking a pie to some seems awfully hard,  but it's not really, it just takes a little effort and a little time.
I wanted to make a pattern that incorporated both lace and cables but one that wasn't too complicated.  I think as lace and cables go it is fairly straight forward.  It only has 8 rows total for the pattern and 4 of those are exactly the same, which happens to be on the wrong side and is knits and pearls only.  As for the rest of it, it is a great lesson in easy lace and a simple cable. Believe it or not after a few times through the repeats you learn all 8 rows off by heart. No I am serious.  It is the kind of pattern that just seems to flow and is easy to get into a rhythm after a bit.  I was even able to watch TV and knit at the same time.  I love this scarf!!  So without further ado....

The yarn that I used was Patons Lace.  It is a light Sport/Fingering yarn.  It's gauge is 26sts/32rows.  When I was thinking of doing a pattern like this I probably did 4 versions of it before I was satisfied.  But I think I got it right this time! I wanted to choose a yarn that was light in gauge but would show great stitch definition.  And I think that it's 80% Acrylic/10% Wool/10% Mohair fits the bill.  Although for those of you that don't like the feel of real wool this yarn may not be for you.  However, you do need to use a yarn that will give you great stitch definition.  I also wanted a yarn that would have a slight "fuzziness" to it.
I think it is really pretty(biased I know) and has a slight Vintagey feel to it.  I think that not only the pattern plays into this but also the colour.  The colour is Arctic Plum.  Gotta love that name!  It really is an icey light purplely colour.  I think I may make another in the teal colour way.
Here is another pic of both Arctic Plum and Mystic teal:

The pattern is up and running on Ravelry.  This time however, it is for sale.  I have listed my patterns in the past for free, but from now on for the most part they will be for sale.  Girl has to make a living and all :)
I truly love to design, whether it's a room, a garden or my knitwear.  I can't stop designing.  I love colour, fabric and especially yarn.  I guess it's in my blood.  My Mum was an amazing knitter.  That woman could knit anything.  I am just so thankful that she taught me all those years ago.  It's the kind of craft that slowly unfolds.  It's the kind of craft that is wrapped up in love and hugs- literally.  I love how tactile it is.  You should see me in a yarn store. I have to touch everything.  And there I am when I am out with my youngest always telling him to stop touching everything in a store!!  But yarn just does that to me!
Oh and one more thing......  It only took one ball for the scarf. ONE BALL!!  How is that for a nice treat for yourself or for a gift?  I was able to use a coupon from Michael's, so I think it cost me around $5.00!!  Can you believe that?  This this is NO five dollar scarf my friends!!  The scarf ended up being 7 1/2" x 56",  not bad for one ball.  Maybe I should have named it the "One Ball Wonder"!!!!
One final, final note.... I really did enjoy knitting with this yarn.  It was easy to knit with even with it's fineness and it's mohair.  If you have ever knit with Mohair then you know that it can be a bit of a beast to rip out if you make a mistake.  But this yarn was ok to rip back if a mistake was made..... not that I EVER make those :)

Well.... stay tuned for more patterns in the future.  I am not stopping anytime soon!
Have a great day everyone.


So I "pinned" an awesome pic the other day... well, I should actually say  I "repinned" it!  All thanks to the lovely and talented James Angus of The Cavender Diary.  You should really check out his blog and his amazing home..... The most amazing "Cowboy Chic" around!!   Here is that pic:

First of all, that pic is beyond amazing.  Makes me want to close up shop and head to Hawaii!!  Second, I couldn't help but just fall for all of those colours together.  What an amazing combo they make.  Generally I take Chip It with a grain of salt as it can be less than accurate, but in this instance it came up with pure inspiration.
 Here are those colours and some other inspiration:

Ionian SW 6754  Sherwin Williams

Glisten Yellow SW6912  Sherwin Williams

Room by Sarah Richardson.

High Strung SW 6705  Sherwin Williams

I really love this one.  I think I am seeing a pattern with the ones that I really love.  I really like the ones with the blues and the reds!!

Composed SW6472  Sherwin Williams

Real Red SW6868  Sherwin Williams

So there you have it a load of inspiring colour for the middle of the week.
Have a great day everyone.