Monday, September 3, 2012


Just a quick posting everyone.  Happy Labour Day !  I hope that you are having an awesome holiday weekend.  For me it is very bittersweet.  I LOVE SUMMER!  I mean, I really, really love summer.  But I do love to wear sweaters and jeans and fall is way better for that.  Also, here in Burlington... Ontario that is... Labour Day weekend always brings us RIBFEST!  It is the largest Ribfest in Canada.  If you ever have the chance to get here, please do.  Not only is Burlington an awesome place to live but we loves us some Ribs!!  Anyhoooo.......
I was over at Calico Corners.  I always love to see how they put their fabrics together.  Sometimes I like the rooms, sometimes not so much.  But I always love the fabric.  So I came across this pic they had of some of their new fabrics:

I really like how they present their fabrics.  And I love the colour combo in these ones!  So, so pretty.  To me, and it may just be my monitor, the gray in the fabric has a purple undertone to it. 

Here is the Vignette they presented:

Now... I have NO idea the colour they picked for the wall.  And the colour they did pick is OK- just.  But I don't think it has the right undertone in it that I would have picked.  The gray that I would have picked would have had more of a purpley undertone to it.  This would better pick up on the purpley gray in the fabric and the actual purple in the flower of the fabric.
Also, this is a lesson in mixing clean colours with muddy ones.  The fabrics they picked are clean in tone and the walls are way more muted and "dirty".  Personally I would have picked a different gray. The grays I might have chosen are as follows:

Excaliber Gray 2118-50 Benjamin Moore

This is still a muted Gray but with a purple undertone for those that would want a "dirtier" more muted one.

Evening Light 50BB 72/045 ICI

Evening Light by ICI.  This is such a pretty colour.  This is a "cleaner" paint colour than the one that they used.  It definitely has a purple undertone and would lend a lighter tone to the room.

Stonington Gray HC-170  Benjamin Moore

This gray is a more Neutral Gray for those that wish to use gray with the colours in the fabrics above.  It is one of my favourite Gray's as it tends to read more neutral.  In fact I love all three grays that are grouped together in this lot on the chip....  Wickham Gray HC171, Stonington Gray HC170 and Coventry Gray  HC-169.  To me they are the perfect neutral grays.

My personal pick would have been Evening Light by ICI.  I really think it would have made the room lighter in tone and would have better picked up on the colours in the fabric.  Just my opinion is all!
Well that's it everyone.  Hope you have a great day and a great day off.

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