Thursday, September 13, 2012


Oh how I love bright and happy colours!!  They life the spirit and evoke an emotion-either good or bad.  Lets face it most people would never use bright and happy colours.  I see it all the time.  Now to be fair a lot of the colours like those in Ralph Lauren's Island Brights are not everyone's cup of tea.  And, to be quite honest most of us do NOT have the right light conditions so that the amazing colours can truly shine.  But for those of us that LOVE colour it is awesome to dream!!

Here are some of those amazing colours:

Baltic Blue IB27 Ralph Lauren

How amazing is this colour?  I would love to do this colour in a dining room either as the colour above wainscoting or as super high gloss, almost lacquer like with mouldings painted the same colour.  Such an awesome colour!!

Bicycle Yellow IB20 Ralph Lauren

In this pic of this amazing office/craft room is the awesome Bicycle Yellow by Ralph Lauren.  You should go and check out Kristin's website.  She always has such awesome inspiration by everyday people and the paint colours they have used in their home.  This is such a bright and lovely space to create in-don't you think?  And what makes it such a great space is that it is paired with tons of white.  A room that has been done right.
It is so not for the faint of heart but it is an amazing colour!!

Mai Tai IB10 Ralph Lauren

 I so want to paint a room this colour.  It is full of life!!  And pairing it with a bright white- well look out my friends!!  Can''t get a more Nautical Red than this!

Racer Pink IB51 Ralph Lauren

This colour is not for the faint of heart.  It is a full on Pink with loads of magenta in it!  Very similar to one of the Pantone colours for fall 2012-Pink Flambe.

Big Sur Blue IB33 Ralph Lauren

Sunwashed Blue IB8 Ralph Lauren

How pretty is this colour with all the white and pink?? Love it!!

What is so amazing about these colours is that they are full on and saturated.  They truly are happy colours.

I have  a set of them myself that I collected some time ago and I am so glad that I did as you cannot get them here anymore.  And of course I made my own "fan deck" for them:

I showed how to make your own fan deck in a previous posting.  Super, duper easy.  Get yourself a hole punch and a large ring.  Easy Peazy!!  Don't you just love all those colours together- LIKE CANDY!!

Have a great day everyone

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