Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I finally finished my scarf pattern.  I am sure that some will have issue with it's name.... "Easy as Pie".  I can just hear my friends now..... "Easy for you!!"  Well, in terms of lace and cables it is easyish!  And like making a real pie, it's not rocket science, you just have to follow the directions.  I know that baking a pie to some seems awfully hard,  but it's not really, it just takes a little effort and a little time.
I wanted to make a pattern that incorporated both lace and cables but one that wasn't too complicated.  I think as lace and cables go it is fairly straight forward.  It only has 8 rows total for the pattern and 4 of those are exactly the same, which happens to be on the wrong side and is knits and pearls only.  As for the rest of it, it is a great lesson in easy lace and a simple cable. Believe it or not after a few times through the repeats you learn all 8 rows off by heart. No I am serious.  It is the kind of pattern that just seems to flow and is easy to get into a rhythm after a bit.  I was even able to watch TV and knit at the same time.  I love this scarf!!  So without further ado....

The yarn that I used was Patons Lace.  It is a light Sport/Fingering yarn.  It's gauge is 26sts/32rows.  When I was thinking of doing a pattern like this I probably did 4 versions of it before I was satisfied.  But I think I got it right this time! I wanted to choose a yarn that was light in gauge but would show great stitch definition.  And I think that it's 80% Acrylic/10% Wool/10% Mohair fits the bill.  Although for those of you that don't like the feel of real wool this yarn may not be for you.  However, you do need to use a yarn that will give you great stitch definition.  I also wanted a yarn that would have a slight "fuzziness" to it.
I think it is really pretty(biased I know) and has a slight Vintagey feel to it.  I think that not only the pattern plays into this but also the colour.  The colour is Arctic Plum.  Gotta love that name!  It really is an icey light purplely colour.  I think I may make another in the teal colour way.
Here is another pic of both Arctic Plum and Mystic teal:

The pattern is up and running on Ravelry.  This time however, it is for sale.  I have listed my patterns in the past for free, but from now on for the most part they will be for sale.  Girl has to make a living and all :)
I truly love to design, whether it's a room, a garden or my knitwear.  I can't stop designing.  I love colour, fabric and especially yarn.  I guess it's in my blood.  My Mum was an amazing knitter.  That woman could knit anything.  I am just so thankful that she taught me all those years ago.  It's the kind of craft that slowly unfolds.  It's the kind of craft that is wrapped up in love and hugs- literally.  I love how tactile it is.  You should see me in a yarn store. I have to touch everything.  And there I am when I am out with my youngest always telling him to stop touching everything in a store!!  But yarn just does that to me!
Oh and one more thing......  It only took one ball for the scarf. ONE BALL!!  How is that for a nice treat for yourself or for a gift?  I was able to use a coupon from Michael's, so I think it cost me around $5.00!!  Can you believe that?  This this is NO five dollar scarf my friends!!  The scarf ended up being 7 1/2" x 56",  not bad for one ball.  Maybe I should have named it the "One Ball Wonder"!!!!
One final, final note.... I really did enjoy knitting with this yarn.  It was easy to knit with even with it's fineness and it's mohair.  If you have ever knit with Mohair then you know that it can be a bit of a beast to rip out if you make a mistake.  But this yarn was ok to rip back if a mistake was made..... not that I EVER make those :)

Well.... stay tuned for more patterns in the future.  I am not stopping anytime soon!
Have a great day everyone.


  1. It's a beautiful scarf! Congrats on the great new design, and turning 'pro'!

  2. Thanks Julie- you are so sweet! I am a big fan so getting thanks from you means a lot. Keep on knittin'

  3. Hi i just bought ur pattern its great, im attempting to make a scarf for the first time im a begginer in knitting so i have some q.... not sure wat the second page of instructions is all about...... ? After u have completed 66th row....

  4. Hi Irene- I have provided 2 "styles" of instructions. There are those that knit from written instructions while others would rather knit from a chart. I am chart person myself :) Whatever is most comfortable for you is fine-the result is the same. When you learn to read charts it really opens up possibilites-for me it allows me to visualize the actual pattern. As for your other question I think you are misinterpreting the instructions- you are to knit rows 1-8 but repeat those rows 1-8 66 times total. Which would equal 8x66= 528 rows worked all in total. Plus the knit(garter rows at the beginning and the end). If you have any other issues you can email me directly at the email address provided in the pattern. Thxs

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