Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So I "pinned" an awesome pic the other day... well, I should actually say  I "repinned" it!  All thanks to the lovely and talented James Angus of The Cavender Diary.  You should really check out his blog and his amazing home..... The most amazing "Cowboy Chic" around!!   Here is that pic:

First of all, that pic is beyond amazing.  Makes me want to close up shop and head to Hawaii!!  Second, I couldn't help but just fall for all of those colours together.  What an amazing combo they make.  Generally I take Chip It with a grain of salt as it can be less than accurate, but in this instance it came up with pure inspiration.
 Here are those colours and some other inspiration:

Ionian SW 6754  Sherwin Williams

Glisten Yellow SW6912  Sherwin Williams

Room by Sarah Richardson.

High Strung SW 6705  Sherwin Williams

I really love this one.  I think I am seeing a pattern with the ones that I really love.  I really like the ones with the blues and the reds!!

Composed SW6472  Sherwin Williams

Real Red SW6868  Sherwin Williams

So there you have it a load of inspiring colour for the middle of the week.
Have a great day everyone.

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  1. That picture of the bear in the water is AWESOME!! I love everything about it!! And the colour are included in that list - how beautiful!