Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well.....  it is very quiet here..... 1st day of school.  Here are pics of my two guys as they are about to set off to school.

Jack and Aidan

Jack the HAMBONE

Aidan- this is as much smile as I was going to get!!

So, after they went, it got me thinking.....  Getting my boys ready for school is so different then getting my nieces ready for school.  They went out and bought new clothes, accessories, nail polish.....  My boys could care less what they wear any day much less on the first day of school!  I know that doesn' hold for all boys but I bet more girls care about what they wear at this age then most boys.  Is that sexist on my part??  I don't think so. 
Criteria for clothes for my boys is.....  is is clean?  No wait!  That's my criteria.  Honestly, they don't care. 
Maybe things will change when they get older but for right now, what I buy, that's what they wear.
Jack is much more adventurous when it comes to clothes.  Any colour, any combo and he is good to go.  You should see what he comes up with sometimes.  Hmmm.... I will have to get me some pics of the doozies he comes up with.  Aidan's stipulation is.... black, navy, red, green or gray.  Mr. Adventurous he is!  He would kill me for saying that but it is true!  He is Mr. Conservative.  Jack- Mr. Hambone.  It always amazes me how different they truly are.  Similar genes... totally different.  Same environment, so different!!
So what does this have to do with design??  Well...... It got me thinking of spaces and the sexes.  For the most part the men in my house don't really care what goes on as far as design goes.  I offer up ideas and they agree or not.  They do have an opinion... sometimes!  I would have to say that the only one that truly thinks about design of any kind is Jack.  He loves Turquoise and Green, loves it.  Tells me all the time.  I think if I let him he would like to redecorate his room every year... Hmmmm..... wonder where he gets that from?  Aidan I can quite honestly say doesn't really think about design the way I do.  He is very scientific.  That being said right now both of them are obsessed with building "houses" on Minecraft.  OBSESSED!!!
They build on there for hours.  Usually I don't like them on the computer for hours but to be quite honest I love the fact that they are on there building away.  Building Rooms with furniture, waterfalls, libraries.... it is quite amazing really.  Again, they approach it very differently from what I do.  They are very creative in an engineering kind of way.  They have such a love of LEGO and that really has helped them in creating amazing things.  I think all Engineers and Architects must have been LEGO freaks, they just must have been.  Even though Aidan is convinced he will be a Paleontologist he definitely has the chops for Engineering or Architecture.  Same goes for Jack.  Although Jack says he wants to Invent things!!

I am feeling a little like I have writers block and knit designers block and any other block you can think of.  Thus the reason why I hadn't posted yesterday!!  Weird.  Usually I am brimming with stuff.  But lately I have been feeling rather strange.  Very muddled, not focused as I usually am.  Maybe it's the end of summer thing I always seem to go through.  Hopefully I will SNAP out of it soon.  Like today would be nice!

Have a great day everyone

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