Tuesday, September 11, 2012


First of all I want to thank all of you knitters out there that have favourited my shawl over 1000 times so far on Ravelry.  And to those of you that have so graciously left me lovely comments about the shawl and the pattern- THANK YOU , THANK YOU.  And another big thank you to all that have or will knit it.  Even though I have knit for over 36 years now, it is only recently that I started any serious pattern design.  So having tons of support has been such a boost.  So I just wanted to give everyone a big hug and thanks for all of your support- it means more than I can express.
So on that note I wanted to share with you another version of the Easy Peazy Shawl 2.0- a stripe version.

Here it is in progress, I just started it today:

You guys are probably going to call me crazy but in the first pic it kinda reminds me of a Romulan ship from the first Star Trek series.  CRAZYTOWN!! I know!  I have always been a huge Star Trek fan- have been from when I was little.  So for some reason it kinda looks like a Romulan ship!! 
Anyways......  I have wanted to knit this shawl for my Mum-in-Law for her Christmas gift.  No worries that I am talking about it here as she never reads this blog.  At least I am pretty sure she doesn't.  And anyone in the family that does read this- Mum's the word-OK??  She has had her eye on the original one I designed so I thought that I would make her one.  I originally wanted to knit one that was all one colour.  But I came across this yarn today and thought that I would give it a go.  Only thing being, I would have to knit it striped since I couldn't get enough of one colour.  That's fine, we'll just roll with it!!  If I find I don't think it will suit her I can always pick up something else, I have time- for now!
The yarn I am using is:
Red Heart Eco Ways Bamboo Wool:

The colours I am using is: Peacock, Dill, Cayenne and Cocoa.
What is great about this pattern and making it into a stripe is that the stripe transitions really nicely in the Garter Ridge Stripe.  At least I think it transitions nicely.  It is a really nice yarn to knit with.  It has great structure and has a really nice sheen to it because of the Bamboo.  It's content is 55% Bamboo/45% Wool.

The reason why I could only get a little of every colour is that the store that I bought it from is closing down.  That store being- Zellers.  As we know here in Canada, Target has bought them out and will be opening new Target stores in the Spring.  Here's hoping that they offer the same great products that are sold in the Target Stores in the States.  That doesn't always happen you know. Keeping my fingers crossed.  The yarn only cost me $1.79/ball!!  It was regular $5.99/ball.  So that is a great savings I tell ya!!
So I will let you know how it turns out.  Either way!!!

Have a great day everyone

Just a little note:  I just wanted to mention that since today is Sept 11, I wanted to send a prayer out to all of our friends down in the States.  I remember it as if it were yesterday!  My thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this terrible tragedy.  And my eternal gratitude goes out to those Men and Women who choose to keep our 2 Countries safe by serving in OUR Militaries.  THANK YOU for all you do so that others can be safe. PEACE EVERYONE!!

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