Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Big changes are going to happen here at the Casa!  Ok, maybe not so big!  I am itching to change up some walls/fabric etc....- those who know me won't be surprised!  I am trying to bring a little life to the place.  Most would think that everything looks perfectly fine.  And well.....  It probably is but I just want to freshen up a little without breaking the bank!!
The Master bedroom!  The last place most of us deal with and decorate.  We make our "public" spaces liveable and lovley but then leave our bedroom to the last.  I am no exception to that.  The money goes into renovating the Kitchen and Bathroom,  fixing up the Living/Dining and Family Room and there isn't much left over for the "me space". 

Now, I do not live in an dictatorship- I am sure that the "Hubs" would smirk at this one but I don't just lay down the law as far a decorating goes.  Lets face it our bedroom is for the two of us.  I can't very well outfit it in Lilac or Pink without his imput.  Although that being said when it comes to me decorating, Hubs is very easygoing and very supportive.  I think he knows that I wouldn't do anything that he isn't going to like.  Take this Master from Traditional Home below for instance:  It is sooooo pretty.  But I know that he wouldn't like it as much as me.  I know that he would put up with it because he loves me, but I couldn't do that to him.  But just look at it:

So I am trying to refresh our Master without spending a whole lot.  But isn't that the same for most of us when it comes to decorating?  I feel like there are so many of us out there trying to make a "silk purse out of a sows ear". 
With just a little bit of paint and a little fabric I think I will be able to make an impact.  I want to smile everytime I walk into my bedroom.

Here are a "few" of my favourites that I have saved over the years.  I have tried to site who designed the room but there won't be any links since I saved them a long time ago:

Libby Langdon


Elisabeth Gordon

House of Turquiose

Meg Braff

Suzanne Kasler

Armonia Decor

Ann Rue

Amy D Morris

Emily Jenkins Followill

Style at Home

Pottery Barn

Elisabeth Dinkel

Alice Lane

Eric Colder


A little side note.  This winter here in Southern Ontario has been a very mild one to say the least.  We haven't gotten our usual alottment of snow.  But, we did get a little bit Sunday and Monday.  However, by Tuesday it was all gone when it hit a high of 11C, thats 52F for you American's!  So here is a shot of the snow and a before and after of a snowman the guys built:

Backyard Sunday at dusk!

My neighbours front yard- isn't it lovely!

Snowy before 1st thing in the morning!

Snowy at 3pm!!

The boys are really not happy about losing all that snow.  It is prettier that is for sure.
Just thought I would give you all a little inspiration and eye candy!  Hope you enjoyed.
Have a great day!

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