Monday, February 13, 2012


Although there is so much I would love to do to my house I would have to say that there are certain things in my house that bring me great pleasure.  Of course I should mention my boys- yes I love them dearly.  However I want to discuss the little objects that sit, gather dust, or just plain stare back at me that make my heart feel happy.  One thing I want to share with you is my Teacup Collection.
I have been collecting teacups for a VERY long time.  I haven't bought any in awhile but I have been able to amass probably around 27 of them.  I don't know if it is because of my English roots or if it's just a girl thing!  But I just love teacups.   There is just something about them- the delicateness of them, the colours and the patterns.  I generally collect Foley, Paragon and Shelley.  I only have one Shelley and she is precious.

As far as teacups go I think of them as female- so I will be calling them she!  The above teacup is by Shelley and is the "Rosebud" pattern.  I adore her- she is probably my most valuable one.  I bought her on Ebay some years ago.  And if you ask me- do you use them?  I do indeed try to use them.  But I haven't been able to bring myself to use my Shelley!  I just love to look at her- Crazy I know!
I have been playing around with taking more pictures lately- thanks to some great advice over at Miss Mustard Seed.  I'm not there yet but am giving it a good go.  But having a tripod really has made a very big difference so glad the Hubs got me one this weekend!

The next Teacup is by Paragon:  Pattern unknown.

The next one is also very special.  It was handed down to me from my in-laws.  It is my husbands Grandmothers'.  I was thrilled when my Mum in Law asked if I wanted it- Well of course I would!!
It is a Royal Albert and the patten is Lady Carlyle.  It has the prettiest Rose pattern.  I can't say enough of this pattern- may have to invest in a couple more :).  Here it is:

Now I don't claim to be a photographer- in fact I am very green but I do love the pics of Miss Lady Carlyle!

The next pics are 3 of my Foley's that I have.  It seems that a lot of my Collection is Foleys.  The first one is:

This pattern by Foley is "Tudor".  The Red in this is a really lovely Cranberry colour.

The next one is one of the first teacups I started collecting:  She is very different in shape to the one shown above- wish I knew the pattern but unfortunately I don't:

The last one I want to show you is my Favourite Foley.  The Pattern is "Montrose".  She is the first one I ever bought.  I love the shape, the bird and the colour.  The Colour is what drew me to this pattern:

See what I mean-she is a beaut!!  This Teacup also comes in 2 other colourways:  Red or Green:

As you can see the Green colourway is slightly different. It is a demi-tasse and is quite a bit smaller than the Blue and Red Montroses I have.

Well that is just a sampling of my Teacup Collection.  I hope you enjoyed.

Here are some crafts that others have done with Teacups.  I don't know if I would do that to any of mine- but I certainly would troll around at 2nd hand stores for some to make some of the crafts:

Teacup Chandelier

But I think teacups look best at a tea party- don't you think?

Well that's it everyone.  Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great day!

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