Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hey Everyone....For the past couple of weeks I have done a couple of postings on Fireplaces and Windows..see here and here.  I suppose you can tell by those postings that I really am NOT a fan of Fireplaces and windows all on the same wall.  However, like many things in life there are exceptions to the rule.  The room below is that exception:

This room for me is perfection!!  They got it so right!  Forget soaring 20 ft ceilings.  Look at that coffering.  LOVE IT!!  And I love those French Doors with the transoms.  Could they have had the fireplace on the wall instead of that birdcage?  Yes I suppose so.... but the fireplace looks so amazing flanked by those doors.  Why do you ask does it work here and not for the posting I previously spoke of.  I suppose that what makes this room perfection is everything is in proportion.  In the previous posting they had a too small fireplace being overwhelmed by the stone work and the windows.  The wainscoting in this room is the right height.  The fireplace isn't too small on that wall between the doors.  The sofas, the rug....I could go on and on.  The only issue- and it isn't one for me, is the lack of drapery flanking the windows.  It works so well in this instance. What about privacy you say?  Perhaps the owners have no issue.  What about sound reduction without draperies?   That is the one thing about having drapes, they really do dampen sound.  But if you look you will see that sound in this room is not and issue- why?  The large furnishings, the rug, the grass cloth wallpaper and the coffering.
This is how you do a Fireplace and Windows/Doors everyone- Perfection.

Here is a closeup of the fireplace;

I love this fireplace.  I love how they left it natural-not painted.  It is just stunning and the painting is so lovely.

There you have it everyone.  The exception to the rule- well at least in my books anyways.....
Have a great day everyone.

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