Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is March Break here at the Casa!  Have to keep the guys happy!  So I might not have my usual posts this week!
Near where I live is a warehouse that has some really great little treasures-especially if you have some imagination.

It is a warehouse of hotel furniture at greatly discounted prices.
If you are on a budget and have a little imagination- or a friend that does, then this is the place for you!!

Here is some of the items they sell and what you could do with them:

This little beautiful Bergere Chair is $75.00.  With a little paint, new fabric, gimp trim it could very easily be turned into this:

Isn't this chair fab???  I know the colour isn't for everyone but it certainly shows what can be done with some creativity.  And if you are too intimidated to do it yourself then there are upholsterers that can help you out.

Here is another great example of what could be done with that chair.  A little gray paint and some wool suiting- and Voila!!!  Amazing!

These Bergere style chairs or perhaps I should call them Fauteil (open arm) look awesome updated in Ikat fabric!

This lovely Queen Anne Chair is $55.00.

She could be turned into:

I would have to say that this style of chair is one of the easiest to redo!  So.......  with a little paint and fabric it is amazing what can be done!

This is a great example of paint and imagination.

This Wing Chair is $225.00.  With about 7-8yds of fabric it could easily be transformed into:

This wing chair isn't exactly like the one from Moveline but it does give you an idea of what can be done with some imagination.

Although quite a bit of sewing would be involved-what a great way to use up ones stash!!  This would be quite the conversation piece.

And if slipcovers are your thing..........then either make one yourself or have it done professionally. 

This little Occasional Chair is $63.00.  After some fixing up it would be great as a dining chair or an occasional chair in the living room.  Here is what it could look like after a little effort!

I hope this has given you some inspiration as to what can be done without a ton of money.  All you need is some effort and creativity.....  Oh and a warehouse full of hotel furniture!!

Have a great day everyone

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