Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So last week I posted that I was going to have ICI Desert Valley as the paint colour in my space.  Well my friends that is OUT!!  I painted with the "tan" and well it left me feeling flat-VERY FLAT.  So instead of dwelling on it and putting up with it, onward I go.
I immediately picked another colour:

It is "Morning Jog"- an Allen & Roth colour from Valspar (Lowes).  To say that I love it would be an understatement!  I LOVE IT!!  It is a watery blue with a slight green undertone to it.  It is just bright enough to have to life to it.

I had it colour matched at my Home Hardware in their Beauti-Tone Paint.  As I have said in previous posts- I love their paint.  It goes on really well and is a great price point.  It is currently on sale for $33.00- not too shabby!!

Anyways......  This is the new colour scheme, the above colour and.........


Mariner- Martha Stewart

They really do look awesome together!  I have just painted half of the living room so far but plan to paint the rest this week.  The "Morning Jog" is like a breath of fresh air- It makes me soooo happy.  And isn' that what it's all about really??
I am painting the island in the Mariner- started that one a few days ago-looks really nice!!
And of course the top part of the wainscoting in the dining room is the Hottie.  So we are getting there.
Just wanted to share some pics of this colour scheme that gave me inspiration:

All the above pics can be found at Barclay Butera.  I love his designs, have for quite a number of years.
I just love the combo of Watery Blue, Red and Navy.

So will keep you up to date to all that has been going on.

Have a great day everyone.

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